The Delta Smelt And The Administration, December 2010.

Still in the news.

Still no water.

Still playing legal games with the nation’s food supply.

Remember this ?

Judge reverses decision on California’s Delta Smelt……… So where’s the bleedin’ water ?

If you’ve not seen any of this before, here’s the bottom line on the above link:  The destruction machine known as the current administration through The Office Of Information And Regulatory Policy (headed by Cass Sunstein), shut off 85-90% of the water to California’s San Joaquin Valley farms and ranches in the name of ‘protecting’ a useless 3-inch fish called The Delta Smelt.

Basically, the shut-off had and has nothing to do with the fish and was done on purpose to destroy the economy of the world’s most fertile growing area, taking our nation down a notch, making us even more dependent on foreign sources for food – and the administration was quite successful in creating a dust bowl region with over a 20% unemployment rate.

The matter was made obviously political and agenda-driven when during the past eighteen months, there were in-the-open threats that if the water was to be turned back on even a little bit, current CongressCritters™ from the area and others in California must vote 100% with the administration’s agenda.

Now – two days ago – long after the damage has been done – the same Federal Judge – the same gavel-banger who’s been playing games with this issue, including going along with almost everything the administration mandated to occur – the same gent issues a finding saying the Feds screwed the pooch.


The same federal judge who helped set in motion protests in California’s farm country when he ruled three years ago that Delta pumping limits were too lax to prevent fish from going extinct determined Tuesday the new regulations go too far the other way.

In a sharply worded, 255-page decision, U.S. District Judge Oliver Wanger, of Fresno, concluded: “The public cannot afford sloppy science and uni-directional prescriptions that ignore California’s water needs.”

He ordered regulators to rewrite significant portions of a permit for massive Delta pumps that deliver water to the Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. The permit sets out a host of rules that are meant to prevent Delta smelt from going extinct.

The article is courtesy of The Contra Costa Times – Mike Taugher is the author.  The good gent has been following this from the beginning.

This is not over – not by a long shot.  The water is still not back on and without question, the current bunch of Totalitarian pieces of human filth in the administration will make sure it stays that way, even if they have to write an executive order for signing by our Dictator In Training Pants™.

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