The White House Council For Community Solutions.

Executive Order ; December 14th 2010.

The White House Council For Community Solutions.


There is established the White House Council for Community Solutions (Council) within the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to support the social innovation and civic participation agenda of the Domestic Policy Council.

The Council shall support the nationwide “Call To Service” campaign authorized in the Serve America Act (Public Law 111 13)

The Council shall be composed of not more than 30 members from outside the Federal Government appointed by the President.  The Chair of the Board of Directors of the CNCS shall also serve on the Council.  Appointed members of the Council may include individuals with relevant experience or subject matter expertise that the President deems appropriate, as well as individuals who may serve as representatives of a variety of sectors, including, among others, State and local governments, institutions of higher education, non profit and philanthropic organizations, community groups, and businesses.

Bottom line:  The President Of The United States, a.k.a. The Community-Organizer-In-Chief, a.k.a. our Dictator In Training Pants™, has now officially solidified all community organizing under his administration’s authority.

Defund ACORN and the rest ?  OK, new House in January, give it a go.  Just understand that there will instantly be a new exec order for another new agency – or fifty – like this one, folded fairly discreetly into any one of the myriad of new agencies kicked off during the current administration.

Truthfully, I’m surprised it took his handlers this long to get this thing cranked up and running.  I’d have figured on this being one of the first on any to do list after 20 January 2009.

We’d better watch very carefully regarding who’s appointed to this council.  You can bet each and every person will be among the most stellar examples of Communistic, wealth-redistributing, reparations-demanding, leftist maniacs we’ve all come to know and love.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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