The R20 --- 'Climate Change' regulations, mandates and the people involved who will decide how you live.

No, not the new VW R20.

No, not the Polk R-20 speakers.

No, not the Phillips R-20 light bulb either.

I was waiting for a real news service to have the guts and publish something – anything – on a hidden-from-the-public part of a governor’s convention I heard about a while back.

I never mentioned it to anyone anywhere, because I thought it was too insane – too much of a usurpation of authority – too much of a bizarro-world new reality…

…and too much of a ‘Nudge’.

Reuters actually did a halfway decent job reporting.

Welcome to The R20.

This R20:

The Subnational Summit and The Subnational Summit, Part Two.

(Reuters) – Regional and state governments despairing of global action to counter climate change banded together on Tuesday at a summit in California, where a challenge to its climate law was just defeated.

The so-called R20 coalition of some 100 regional, state and provincial governments, observer nations and corporations aim to use their joint economic heft to create industries and to make “subnational” deals to create low-carbon projects.

“The green movement is going full steam ahead without an international agreement,” Schwarzenegger told the Governors’ Global Climate Summit, with representatives from states and other “subnational” regions of countries including China, the United States, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil.

Please read the whole article….. It’s very long.

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OK, you’ve read the two pages.

Did you see through the green haze ?

No ?


What this R20 group is: ICLEI going operational in America, sans any real legislation, sans any real public authorization and with the backing and attendance of some of the most seriously deranged ‘green’ Totalitarians/Communists on the planet.

ICLEI – The International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives.

Local Governments For Sustainability. Take a tour of their website for yourself.   Please.   It’s a real education as to what we’re facing.

Then click over to The EPA’s website and The Partnership For Sustainable Communities.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Your tax dollars at work.  All by Executive Order and Presidential Memorandum.


Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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Turning a democracy into a kleptocracy does not enhance the stature of the thieves, it only diminishes the legitimacy of the government………… Justice Janice Brown – Supreme Court of The State of California, 8 March 2002 — Dissenting opinion. — San Remo Hotel v. City and County of San Francisco ; No. S091757., Supreme Court Of California, 27 Cal. 4th 643; 41 P.3d 87.