Cody Alicea Got A Flag Rider Escort To School Today.

All items courtesy of KCRA, San Diego.

Video here: Rally For Cody Alicea – A video-photo journey to school.

Cody Alicea – Attention on deck !
On behalf of a grateful nation, we present you with……

Click here for additional photos and video.

Even more at the KCRA website.

That’s the way it’s done.

……and yeah, the last photo with the veteran presenting Cody with the hat got me going too.

Kenny Solomon
God Bless America.


PS — If you would like to get involved with paying respect to our veterans and even honoring young men such as Cody, there’s an organization called The Patriot Guard Riders.  Join us.  Honor services, welcome home celebrations, deployment send-off’s and much more.  You don’t need to ride on two wheels.  I’m a ‘cage’ driver.

Patriot Guard Riders
Standing for those who stood for us.