Oh, those misguided youts.

What’s a yout ?

Sky News (UK) reporting:

Mexico — Wanted for multiple murders: El Ponchis – ‘The Cloak’.

He’s 12 years old.

Videos of El Ponchis attacking one enemy with a stick and cutting the throat of another have appeared online, as have photos of him posing with various weapons and standing by a dead body.

The boy works for the little-known South Pacific cartel, which has allied itself with the brutal Los Zetas – former government paramilitaries who have gone rogue – to battle the major La Familia cartel for control of southwest Mexico.

Based just outside the city of Cuernavaca, El Ponchis is said to work with a group of girls, including his sisters, who are referred to as Las Chavelas and are often responsible for disposing of the bodies.

When this kind of thing is ‘normal’ in a culture, that culture is about done.


Kenny Solomon

Turning a democracy into a kleptocracy does not enhance the stature of the thieves, it only diminishes the legitimacy of the government.”………… Justice Janice Brown – Supreme Court of The State of California, 8 March 2002.  Dissenting Opinion.

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