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At some point – very soon – something’s going to pop one of the ‘surprise-enclosed’ balloons and whatever’s inside is gonna fly out ugly.

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Well whaddaya know…… Somebody here in America actually spoke up a bit.

Florida Rep doesn’t like the idea of helping Muslim terrorists balance their so-called nation’s so-called budget.

Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen, who stands to head House Foreign Affairs Committee, opposes transfer of $150 in aid because Palestinian leadership ‘failing to live up to commitments’.

The new funding was described as budget support for the Palestinians and is separate from the $400 million in aid that President Barack Obama pledged in June during a White House visit by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Well ma’am, you can stop it from happening…… In January…… But it’s a good bet that until just after the new year, no matter what anyone says or does, our humble but lovable Jihadist At 1600™ and his administration will do whatever they damn well please.


Hillary, you go girl.  Give ’em heck.

“……if the goal of violence is to stop the tribunal, it won’t work.”

BEIRUT — US Secretary of State Hillary Rodhman Clinton on Friday warned Hizbullah against resorting to violence, saying the militant group cannot stop a UN court investigating the assassination of a former Lebanese prime minister.  Clinton’s remarks came in an interview with Lebanon’s An-Nahar newspaper.

“Hizbullah should know that resorting once again to violence in Lebanon runs completely counter to the interests of the Lebanese people, the interests of the region, and of the United States,” Clinton said. “They should also know that if the goal of violence is to stop the tribunal, it won’t work,” she added.  Clinton said “intimidation or threats” from Hizbullah should not be tolerated. “The problem in Lebanon is not the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The problem is that some are threatening violence in order to try to stop justice,” she said in the interview.

The rising tensions in Lebanon are also affecting burgeoning US ties to Syria.

The US Secretary Of State sat for an interview with a terrorist-nation’s newspaper.


There’s so much to offer as utterly destructive commentary to just this little c/p section of the article, that I’m not going to say one single word further.


Sometimes, ya just gotta laugh……

Hey Flotilla Captain:  You’re Doing It Wrong.

Authorities said a ship meant to take aid to Gaza reached Greece after allegedly leaving Libya with a dozen aid workers and port officials held against their will over a pay dispute.

Coast guard officials said the ship arrived at Greece’s main port of Piraeus, outside Athens, on Friday. They provided no further details.

The Road to Hope charity organizing the cargo said the Maltese-registered boat sailed toward Greece with 10 aid workers — seven Britons, two Irish and an Algerian — on board as well as several Libyan police officers and a senior port official.

Must be a capitalist pig.  He actually wants to get paid for the use of his time and ship.


Kenny Solomon
South Florida


If the official long-form name of any country contains any or all uses and tenses of the words “People”, “Free” and “Democratic” then you know that nation’s government is not about or for the people, the people are not free and there is no democracy.