Fox Television developing series with illegal alien heroes.

Major H/T to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

It is a premise that would no doubt spark controversy.

FX has put in development the first major series project centered on an illegal alien character, a drama from Changing Lanes writer Chap Taylor about an illegal Mexican immigrant working as a private investigator. TV and film director Rodrigo Garcia, born in Colombia, has come on board to direct and executive produce the project, described as “Traffic meets Chinatown.” Also executive producing are Taylor, Dawn Parouse & Marti Noxon of Grady Twins and Garcia’s frequent collaborator, producer Julie Lynn.

The project is taking on the hot-button issue of illegal immigration, and Taylor is well aware that it would probably stir controversy and possible accusations that, with an illegal as the hero, the show glorifies people who are in this country illegally. But “in Los Angeles and in the U.S., people’s lives are built on the labor of those immigrants,” Taylor said. “Our job is to tell good stories as honestly as we possibly can. If everyone is mad at us, we’ve done our job.”

It’s more than obvious who will be the [typical bitter God-clinging Constitution-loving gun-owning tea-partying hate-mongering] villains.

Choo no sumpteen’ maing ? Eet eez gunna heet dee phan berry tsoon anna eetz gunna heet beeg. Choo bezt haff watt tuu heet baak wiff.  Choo no batt eye meen by “eet” ?  Jess maing, dat kinda ‘eet’.

Kenny Solomon
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