Florida Governor's Race --- RICK SCOTT WINS !!!!!!!! --- Sink Concedes.

I’m shaking – no joke.

It’s over.

Freedom wins a little bit in Florida.

Honest:  I’m gonna be one of Governor-Elect Scott’s worst nightmares and over-the-shoulder microscope-viewers to hold him to our state’s constitution and his word.  If need be – and I pray that this will not be the case – I’ll be one of his harshest and most vocal critics too.

God Bless America and keep us safe from the likes of Alex Sink forever.

Champagne will be served with lunch.


The diary stays intact…… I’ll never drop something I wrote to try and hide my thoughts.


I’ll use this for an ongoing diary until this mess gets settled.  The title above may change a few times, but “Florida Governor’s Race” will lead it.

First up, an article – with video – from the oh-so-fair-and-balanced Sun-Sentinel, the newspaper of record in my county (Broward).

Republican Rick Scott appeared poised to make history as Florida’s 45th governor Tuesday, clinging to a narrow lead over Democrat Alex Sink in one of the closest, costliest and most politically significant gubernatorial slugfests in the country.

With more than 90 percent of the vote in, Scott had 49 percent, compared with 47.5 percent for Sink — a margin of fewer than 80,000 votes. But as the clock struck midnight, Sink announced she would not concede, saying there were “hundreds of thousands” of votes in Democrat-rich South Florida and Hillsborough County yet to be counted.

An automatic recount would be required if the margin shrinks to half of one percent, or roughly 26,000 votes.

I’ll update this as the pending disaster unfolds.

As of this posting, the margin is about 70,000 votes – tops.  Ballots are appearing via the alligator express and orange flying service.

Understand one thing:  Alex Sink is a danger to our state….. and to individual rights and freedom overall.  She’s full-on with the administration in DC, lies about everything she says she’s going to do if elected (balance the budget my arse), making DWS look good in comparison.



Sincere congratulations to my friend Lt. Col. Allen West (USA-Ret.) and his well-deserved and well-earned victory over a real piece of useless garbage.  Go git ’em Col. !