Obama --- Using Children As Soldiers Is Perfectly Fine.

Verbatim copy/paste of a Presidential Memorandum dated Monday 25 October 2010.

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
October 25, 2010

Presidential Memorandum–Child Soldiers Prevention Act
Presidential Determination No. 2011-4

SUBJECT: Presidential Determination with Respect to Section 404(c) of the Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, pursuant to section 404(c) of the Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008 (CSPA), title IV of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (Public Law 110 457), I hereby determine that it is in the national interest of the United States to waive the application to Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and Yemen of the prohibition in section 404(a) of the CSPA.

You are authorized and directed to submit this determination to the Congress, along with the accompanying memorandum of justification, and to publish it in the Federal Register.

Barack Obama.

The “accompanying memorandum of justification” has not been released to the public and/or media.

A report from The Associated Press was published on 29 October and picked up by news outlets – including Fox News – and seemingly buried.

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a move criticized by human rights organizations, the Obama administration has decided to exempt Yemen and three other countries that use child soldiers from U.S. penalties under the 2008 Child Soldiers Prevention Act.

In a memorandum to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Barack Obama said he had determined that “it is in the national interest of the United States” to waive application of the law to Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Yemen. He instructed Clinton to submit the decision to the Congress with a written justification for the move.

Obama’s memo, released by the White House on Monday, did not include the justification. Administration officials have said, however, that cutting off military aid to those four countries as required by the law would do more harm than good. And they have said that continuing close cooperation with them can be a more effective way of changing their practices.

– snip –

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the countries who received the waiver deserve more time to correct their practices.

“In each of these countries we are working with the governments to stop the recruitment of child soldiers or demobilize those who may already be in the ranks,” Crowley said. “These countries have put the right policies in place but are struggling to effectively implement them. These waivers allow the United States to continue to conduct valuable training programs.”

Three days after the Presidential Memorandum, a report was issued via UNICEF on the subject of children as soldiers, making no mention of The President’s waiver.

I’ll not delve into the conclusions of The UN report, for they are employing nothing more than spending additional money for ‘sustainable programs’, as opposed to actually doing something relevant and towards ending the situation.


There is no justification that a President Of The United States can offer for exempting from sanctions, let alone tolerating for one second as “in the national interest of The United States”, any nation or government using children as soldiers while continuing to receive any aid whatsoever from America, especially military assistance.

The action by the current President Of The United States is unacceptable on any level.

In a sane nation – what America used to be – the demand should and would be instantaneous and overwhelming for an immediate retraction of such a Presidential action and pursuit of actual situational remedy be enjoined.  Failing a retraction, the demand for said President’s resignation would be the order of the day, along with the demand for the resignations of other key officials and staff members involved with something of this magnitude.

That not one official or staff member anywhere within The Executive Branch and/or The State Department has emerged in opposition to this Presidential action shows the complete and utter contempt for human decency and civility within the entire administration.  Senators and House members are silent as well.  The media ?  Almost less than nothing.

If even one member of the current administration would publicly tender their resignation over this matter and lead the call for retraction, there would be evidence that some small measure of morals and humanity may remain within the depths of depravity of our current governmental personnel.

America has passed through a lower-than-third-world barrier previously unthinkable in our country – officially continuing financial and other support of nations who’s genocidal activities are well documented, ongoing and becoming more obvious as to the direction headed – dominance of Islam (Yemen, The Sudan and Chad).

A senior State Department official (P.J. Crowley) stating that children are being recruited as soldiers in those nations flies past all ignorance and naivety.  These children are not being recruited.  They are being drafted, kidnapped, stolen – sometimes with arms directed at their siblings, used if need be – and sometimes – God help us all – taken with the blessing of their families who believe in ‘ethnic cleansing’ and the enslavement of others.


As an aside but related, Mr. P.J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary Of State, sent Iranian President Mahamoud Ahmadinejad a birthday message via Twitter.

Click on the Twitter image to enlarge.

From The US State Department website biography page for Asst. Sec. Crowley.

Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary
Bureau of Public Affairs
Term of Appointment: 05/26/2009 to present.

Philip J. (P.J.) Crowley previously served as a Senior Fellow and Director of Homeland Security at the Center for American Progress.

The Center For American Progress – George Soros.

He worked directly for one of the most evil men on the planet, is now at a high level in the current administration and people expect something like that to NOT happen ?

It has taken everything within my grasp to stay within the boundaries of civil discourse on all matters within this column.

God Bless America.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida