Arizona --- Execution blocked in row over lethal drug source.

Y’all remember this ?……… The Execution Of Albert Greenwood Brown — On ; Off ; On ; Off ; On ; Off……. OFF.

Well then…… Arizona, c’mon down……

You’re the next contestant on “The Execution Of A Piece Of Garbage Murderer Is Postponed !”

Article from Agence France Presse via Andrew Breitbart’s website.

A federal judge blocked an execution in Arizona after the US state refused to divulge the origins of the drug it planned to use for his lethal injection.

In the midst of an anesthetic shortage that has already forced postponement of lethal injection executions across the United States, Arizona says it has the drug in hand but is refusing to disclose where it was manufactured.

Federal judge Roslyn Silver ordered Arizona on Saturday to give the name of the drug manufacturer to Landrigan’s lawyers, but the state prosecutors refused, citing confidentiality laws for executions. Silver blocked the execution on Monday, saying more time is needed to consider the case, as the unidentified origins of the drug meant it could have been contaminated.

Only one pharmaceutical company in the United States, Hospira, currently manufactures sodium thiopental, but it is out of stock and will not be able to resume production until the first quarter of 2011.

Federal Justice Roslyn Silver was appointed to the bench by President William Jefferson Clinton and confirmed by The Senate in 1994.

Hospira Corp. produces all three of the pharmaceuticals used for lethal injections in The United States.

Hospira Corp.
Lake Forest, Illinois (That’s basically Chicago for the uninitiated.)
Founded 2004

Christopher B. Begley, CEO
Donated $2,300 to the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama per CEOCampaignContributions.info.
Donated $5,000 to the Hospira Corp LLC PAC.

Hospira Corp LLC PAC 2008 Federal Election Campaign totals: Democrats: $23,750 — Republicans: $13,750 per CampaignMoney.com

Democrats: Baucus (Senate) ; Bean (House) ; Boren (H) ; Butterfield (H) ; Clinton (Pres.) ; Conrad (S) ; Dingel (H) ; Durbin (S) ; Eshoo (H) ; Etheridge (H) ; Hoyer (H) ; Leahy (S) ; Lincoln (S) ; Matheson (H) ; Pallone (H) ; Pelosi (H) ; Reid (S) ; Stabenow (H) ; Waxman (H).

Republicans: Burr (S) ; Buyer (H) ; Cornyn (S) ; Deal (H) ; Dole (S) ; Emerson (H) ; Enzi (S) ; Kirk (H) ; McCaul (H) ; McConnell (S) ; Moran (H) ; Roberts (S) ; Ryan (H).

PDF of Hospira Corp. statement to Ohio Department Of Corrections regarding company objections to their products use in lethal injection procedures. Note: This PDF is hosted at a far-left anti-capital punishment website called The DPIC.


Just thought I’d get this stuff out there.

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