Of course you can assault heads of state.... No worries. No crime.

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard assaulted by shoe-thrower on live TV.

Video here:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6XuAMC5zmM

A war critic last night threw two shoes at former prime minister John Howard during a live television show and yelled “that’s for the Iraqi dead”.

L – Shoe Thrower — R – PM John Howard

Neither shoe hit Mr. Howard during the program which also saw him blindsided when he was quizzed by David Hicks about why he was left at Guantanamo Bay military prison for 5½ years.

Other than being escorted out of the studio, nothing happened to the person who ASSAULTED the former PM.  Doesn’t matter if he missed…… That piece of tree-huggin’ hippie c**p did the deed.

It was assault.  Police weren’t even called.

Gee, where has that happened before and nothing was done to the assailant ?

It was done to President George W. Bush, but according to our friends on the left side of life, since he is Teh Eeeeevil Booooooooooosh, that incident doesn’t count, he deserved that and more, yada yada yada…… Isn’t that correct ya damn trolls ?

It was done here recently too……. Oh yeah……. Something was tossed at a head of state’s appearance in Philadelphia…… and nothing happened to the assailant.

Some freak of nature assaulted the current President Of The United States…….. and nothing happened.

10/10/2010 — The President Of The United States Was Assaulted In Philadelphia.


Other than my normally spot-on gut feeling and the ‘interesting’ wording of the article, I have no proof whatsoever. But I’ll pretty much guarantee yesterday’s assault against Australia’s former PM Howard was a total setup by the media and their leftist pals.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
Cross-posted at T.A.S.G.