The Friday Night 'Stick-This-In-Your-Pipe-And-Smoke-It' News Dump Open Thread.

You just spent another $2 Billion on top of the already approved $7.5 Billion.

Take a wild guess where it’s all going.

C’mon, don’t peek……. Guess first.

(Note:  Didn’t ‘bold’ anything on this, because each and every sentence of the article leaves me almost beyond speechless.)

The United States announced $2 billion in military aid for Pakistan on Friday as the two countries sought to dispel doubts about Islamabad’s commitment to uprooting Islamist insurgents from safe havens on its soil.

The military aid, which would help put Pakistan’s war planning on a more stable footing, would complement a $7.5 billion multiyear package of civilian assistance already cleared by U.S. lawmakers.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said a “relatively small number” of Pakistani military units would not receive assistance because of human rights concerns.

“President Obama has always understood the importance of a Kashmir solution. His coming visit to the region is the time to begin to redeem the pledge,” Qureshi said.

I’m not going to comment on this ‘whateveryowanttocallit’, because I’ve got to loa……….. I’ve got something to do.

Y’all have at it though……. Anything goes……. Find the evening’s news dumps and win a laurel……. and hearty handshake from everybody here in the town of Rock Ridge.

I’ll leave you with one more……. It’s only costing you $275 Million…….. and it’s an example of ICLEI and ICR2P working at their optimum standard:

$275 Million to help Jordan improve water delivery.

The grant, to be signed Monday by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, will “increase the supply of available water” in the country, a State Department statement said.

The assistance comes through the US Millennium Challenge Corporation, which awards money to developing nations that meet criteria on both economic and social freedoms.

Sustainable Development ; Social Justice.

Think ‘big picture’…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… MUCH BIGGER.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida