Major hit piece on Remington and The Second Amendment.

Initial airing is 20 October 2010.


Take a wild guess on the origination of this “out of nowhere” ten-month-in-the-making disaster.

Do you know the media source based in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey ?

It’s a business news cable television outlet.


As in NBC.

As in MSNBC.

As in General Electric.

As in owing a piece of the current administration.

As in individual Rights elimination and leftist one-world-government mandates.


Ya know, if I was one of the see-a-conspiracy-in-everything type of people, right about now I’d be yelling, waving my arms all around and stamping my little feet.

But since I have a really good gut instinct that’s saved my life more than once and has also been spot-on about everything this administration and their owners have been doing, I don’t freak out.

But I did do something.

I wrote to Remington and asked them how – as one person – I could help them counter this obvious move by the administration, G.E. and the anti’s showing their hands.

If you would like to contact Remington and offer support, please e-mail [email protected]

Kenny Solomon
Molon Labe.