Geert Wilders NOT Guilty, Case Dismissed.

Yeeeeee Haaaaaa !……. Git-R-Done !

Robert Spencer has the news at Jihad Watch.

This is very good news. Let’s hope this will be the end of these efforts to curtail the freedom of speech, but I suspect we will be seeing much more of these kinds of trials in the future. Let’s hope they all have this kind of happy ending. “Wilders not guilty on all counts – Update,” from Dutch News, October 15.

Of course, the “journalist” who wrote the original piece in The Netherlands has to get in a total lie…… that Mr. Wilders is “the anti-Islam politician“.

No he’s not ya dang agenda-driven toad…… Mr. Wilders is a live-and-let-live kinda guy.  But when a group of other – outsiders, not native people, don’t want to let anyone else live-and-let-live in his own homeland, he reacts with the attitude of “you can do whatever you want, but not in our nation, no way”.


I’m gonna pop a bottle of good champagne and toast to freedom of speech and the pursuit of truth still existing in at least one place in the western world.

This not guilty news is the best thing I’ve heard all day……… Hell, it’s the best news I’ve heard in weeks !

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon