The Campbell's Soup Company --- An American business can do whatever it wants as long as it's legal.

I’m an American consumer and I can do whatever I want as long as it’s legal as well.

For instance, my choosing to no longer purchase ANY products offered by The Campbell’s Soup Company, invest in their corporation or any offered fund which does, plus exercising my right to freedom of speech by informing the company and as many people as possible of the reasons why.

Campbell’s may know their markets and make good products, but they don’t understand the power, depth and reach of evil with whom they’ve hopped into bed as partners.

Thanks to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch for sending the initial link last week that started my research anew into something I was on long before I was a member of RedState.

If this diary is the first time you’re reading about Campbell’s researched and implemented business decision, I’m not surprised.

This is going to be quite a long entry and it’s not complete to my full satisfaction, as all “i’s” are not crossed, nor “t’s” dotted – something like that.   But this information needs to be brought out, as the leftist media and Islamophobe accusers like ISNA and C.A.I.R. have kicked into high gear.


Have you ever heard of The Islamic Society Of North America ?

At minimum, they’re Hamas terror sponsors aligned with C.A.I.R., and part of The Muslim Brotherhood.  Heck of an accusation, but it’s been proven in many a form, including as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Here we go…………

From The Campbell’s Soup Corporation (Canada Division) on their own website: www.campbellsoup.ca/en/products/health.asp?label=halal

These products are certified by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest non-profit, religious, educational, and non-political Islamic organization in North America.  ISNA’s Halal Certification Program was established in conjunction with professionals in the field of Islamic foods and nutrition, and with Islamic scholars.  The program includes the review of ingredients, formulas, manufacturing and sanitation processes.

I have informed the investor relations and marketing departments at Campbell’s corporate headquarters in New Jersey that all Campbell’s products have been discarded from my home and I will no longer purchase anything they produce.  But more importantly, I explained in detail as to the reasons why.

The Campbell’s Soup Company main brands in The US and Canada………. Campbell’s (soups)……..Pace (salsa)……. Pepperidge Farm (baked goods and snacks)……… Prego (spaghetti sauces)……. Swanson (stocks, broth and seasonings)…….. V-8 (juices).

……and just in case you know folks overseas……

Asia…….. Arnott’s (baked goods).

Europe…….. Bia (soups)……….. Devos Lemmens (sauces)………… Erasco (soups)…….. LaCroix (soups and sauces)……… Liebig (soups)……. Royco (soups)………. Touch Of Taste (boullions).


If they’re doing it in Canada, damn skippy they’re gonna do it in Europe (if they haven’t done so already – currently researching that)…… and it’s coming here to America….. Don’t even come close to the “it can’t happen here” thing…… Just don’t.

Whether you know or understand fully or otherwise, we’re at war and an American icon company has made a corporate business decision and submitted to the enemy of life itself.

How can I say that ?……. What kind of an Islamophobe am I ?………  Am I looking to start something ?

It’s my right to my opinion…….. I’m not, I’m an observer of people, groups and facts have a way of surfacing……. I’m only looking to help wake up as many people as I can to the big picture of what is going on right in front of their faces and in their towns and communities.

This is much bigger than you have any idea and I’m basing my opinions on what I’ve found in fact.

For quite a while now, I’ve been imploring you to open up your mind and think big picture….. a really big picture.

Three somewhat dire and possibly unfathomable things to consider in all this:

1. What’s to stop any 12th Imam-types in the employ of a mixed company (Halal and haram goods) from ‘doing something’ to the infidel’s food ?

2. It’s a good bet the push to get all ‘mixed’ companies (producers of Halal and haram) to stop producing Kosher products as well as eliminating all product lines containing any pork will be seen upon Halal products being produced……. I’m watching Campbell’s Canada like a hawk right now.

3. You’ll see this one below, because this has everything to do with 1. and 2., but much deeper in scope……. Read the next bits first and if you’re starting to think big picture, you’ll probably figure it out right away.


Now we get to the “but wait, there’s more” material that I’ve known about for quite a while in study of what is nothing less than a mortal enemy, but didn’t want to make the original post too long – but it’s time…… It’s long past time.

A friend from another website wanted to remind me of some of the rest by replying to my initial comment at that site – He knew that I knew about all and more of what you’ll see next, but he didn’t really get why I didn’t run up the rest right away.

Truth:  It’s that whole sound the alarm/’freak-out the kiddies and houseplants’ part I didn’t want to get into at the outset.

The following few paragraphs are his words – easier to cut/paste than for me to write it all out in my own setting…… He said ok, plus it was in a public forum anyway and it’s also another point of view that can help you think big picture.

I left his grammar and structure stand as-is…….. and he kind of skipped over the end-all.

The implications of Halal are not just in the process, but who is hired to work in these places. Simply put, nonMuslims are not allowed to touch food (or even a drop of sweat allowed to taint it)that is being prepared as halal. Even after it has been prepared and prayed over by the imam, if the food comes in contact with a nonMuslim it is considered tainted.Consequently, this is active discrimination against nonmuslims. In order for butchers, food prepares to work, not only must they satisfy the conditions of food preparations, but to have job security they will be told to convert to islam. This is not right. A campaign should be organized with churches, politicians etc. etc. who all must be willing to make note of this. This is utter discrimination, and it must not stand !

With Halal, you simply cannot have a mixed food area..since the probability of tainting form nonislamic people and nonIslamic food is too great(breath of an infidel is enough to taint halal food).  Consequently a lot of these businesses are realizing that to compete in foreign markets (to sell to 1.5 billion muslims) it is best if they become halal. The infidels will have to live with that and on top of that have to convert in order to be able to work in these places….This is truly discrimination.

Hence, all these other jobs that are related to food will follow these big companies that have decided to islamize. People in the western world are actively being forced to convert in order to keep their jobs secure.  Not only the jobs related to food preparation, but to teaching, to writing….all for a small minority of at most 2-4 percent.

If the muslims want halal…it’s is ok to have go to a butcher, but why force a whole industry? and in turn force conversion of those that work there in order to get job security. It may not be obvious now because this is just beginning…but with all things Muslim, the noose gets tighter and tighter.

Now for my #3. There are some of us who have have known this for literally years and have been screaming to the heavens about it all, but nobody else would listen back then and most people aren’t listening now for several reasons, including their not wanting to see reality on a scale of this nature, their misguided belief that “it can’t happen here”, timidity for being labeled a racist Islamophobe, etc.

There’s even more that needs expanding on with Halal certification and it’s not just Campbell’s or any one company and it’s not just Canada…….. It’s ‘the whole logistics chain‘ thing…….

Halal food production is an all-encompassing seed/birth-to-production-to-consumption thing.

According to everything I’m seeing in fact and in implication, to do it right, no non-Muslim may touch or handle Halal food from beginning to end.

Let that sink in for a minute or two.  Think big picture…… no…… bigger.

See it yet ?….. It’s a complete takeover….. Farms/ranches, harvesting/butchering, transport, production, transport, wholesaler, transport, retailer-to-the-consumer.

There’s a book mentioned at Texas A&M University’s website: http://foodprotein.tamu.edu/extrusion/bookhalal.php

Here’s a 25-page PDF for basic supervisory guidelines at the Texas A&M University website: http://foodprotein.tamu.edu/extrusion/documents/publications/Halal%20Industrial%20Production%20Standards.pdf


If people in our nation want Halal food, fine, enjoy yourself, go for it….. Identify the market, start the businesses and have at it…. Get some investors, create jobs…… That’s what our nation is built on….. Freedom and free enterprise.

If the market is big enough, maybe one or two of the major companies will create separate divisions to deal with it and make some cash for their shareholders (of which I would never be one – I don’t support genocidal maniacs, nor those who do).

But know this….. The Muslims ARE moving in and in force…… They have been for quite a long time…… Remember the mess at Hormel in Minnesota way back when ?……. Many call it the “Stealth Jihad”.

I suggest we’d better start looking into how many Muslims are actually in the food production system and overall logistics here in America…… and do it quick.


I’m just one person with the same resources as anyone else and can only do so much.

It took less than fifteen seconds typing a Bing search* to find the two links above………. Imagine what I’m gonna find when I really start looking.

However, I humbly suggest that you do some research on your own just to see that I’m not over some sort of perceived edge.

and no….. I’m NOT going to quit it with the Muslims until the ‘moderates’ within the 1.5 billion-fold of the flock start standing up to the lunatics and demanding “NO !  YOU WILL NOT COMMIT EVIL IN THE NAME OF GOD !”

I’m not exactly confident of that happening, because through all the research I’ve been doing, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that there is no moderation in Islam, there is only Islam.

Please educate yourself to understand the depths of power and control and a documented apparent lust for death within the Quran and addendum writings Sira and Hadith – all in the name of advancing Islam as written.

No apologies, to anyone who thinks me an Islamophobe.  You may be marching to a different drummer and think all people have good in them at some level, but I know what I’ve been reading, researching and studying for a long time.  Much of it is evil.  There is no other word for it.


Kenny Solomon
South Florida


* I avoid Google at all costs….. They retain IP’s and search information for (at least) 32 years.  The company is part and parcel of the current US administration’s agenda and the move to ‘net neutrality’, a total all-encompassing control of the internet and all information passing through – invalidating the 1st and 4th Amendments……….. That’s NOT tin-foil-hattery…….. Please read the Tech At Night columns here at RedState and educate yourself as to a real and dangerous-to-your-freedom enemy within our own nation.


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