The Execution Of Albert Greenwood Brown --- On ; Off ; On ; Off ; On ; Off....... OFF.

But he was for the execution before he was against it.


We’re talking about California.  We’re talking about a Federal District Court Judge appointed by Bill Clinton in 1997 (confirmed to the bench in 1998).  We’re talking about Federal District Justice Jeremy Fogel – a Clinton-appointed judge who was literally ordered by the uber-liberal, Constitution-destroying 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals to find a way to stop a scheduled execution.

Guess what….. The judge found a way, courtesy of the murdering slime’s attorney.

Are you ready for this ?

The article is from AP dated September 29th 2010:

Apparently there’s………. “a nationwide shortage of a key drug used in executions“.


California’s entire stock of sodium thiopental has an expiration date of Friday, and state officials say no executions can be carried out until they receive a new shipment early next year.

No, that’s not a joke.

We’re not done yet either……… It gets ‘better’.

Albert Brown was sentenced to death for abducting, raping and killing 15-year-old Susan Jordan of Riverside County in 1980.

That’s thirty years of taxpayer dollars running through the mill, disappearing into the thin air of trial attorney’s bank accounts.

But wait, there’s more…………….

It was Fogel who ordered a halt to California executions in 2006 and ordered prison officials to overhaul the lethal injection process.

Prison authorities responded by building a new death chamber, overhauling the way executions teams are selected and trained, and making several other changes to the state’s lethal injection procedures to comply with Fogel’s order.

That’s how it started for me — This diary.

I found that AP article on September 29th.

This judge’s decision didn’t simply pop up out of nowhere.

Not hardly.

We can go back much further in this case’s history, but these next set of articles in chronological order should be a perfect place to expose a system way out of order and politicized to the breaking point.

The rest of the diary below, I found today and I wasn’t looking all that hard to do so.

Suggestion: Wrap your head in duct tape now.

August 24th 2010 – The San Joaquin Valley Record

A judge today blocked California officials from immediately resuming executions, saying she has not yet lifted an order her court established nearly three years ago.

Marin County Superior Court Judge Verna Adams issued a written ruling that state prison officials must refrain from carrying out any lethal injections “unless and until this court dissolves the permanent injunction.”

Judge Adams can do that ?

Oh wait….. Judge Adams was appointed to the court in 1999 – Gray Davis was Governor and you-know-who was at 1600.

September 3rd 2010 – The San Joaquin Valley Record

A Marin County Superior Court judge has no authority to block California from resuming executions, starting this month with a Riverside County murderer, attorneys for the state argue in recently filed court papers.

Deputy Attorney General Michael Quinn has asked the state’s 1st District Court of Appeal to let California carry out Albert Greenwood Brown’s execution Sept. 29, despite Judge Verna Adams’ order issued this week blocking all executions.

No authority…….. No kidding.

So guess what happened a few weeks later ?

Mr. Brown’s attorney went to the same County Judge for another stop-execution order on the same grounds.

September 24th 2010 – The San Francisco Appeal

Lawyers for a condemned inmate who is scheduled to be put to death on Wednesday will ask a Marin County Superior Court judge on Monday to block all California executions for the time being.

Sara Eisenberg, a lawyer for Albert Greenwood Brown, said late today that Brown’s attorneys would ask Judge Verna Adams at a Monday hearing for a temporary restraining order suspending executions.

snip……. and this is absolutely key to understanding the whole thing…….

The announcement of the Superior Court hearing came after a federal judge in San Jose, acting in a separate case, earlier today conditionally turned down Brown’s request for a stay of execution.

U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel said corrections officials could go ahead with the execution on the condition Brown is given the choice of being put to death with a single drug, the sedative sodium thiopental, instead of the usual three.

That’s when the Ninth Circus got hold of the case and made Justice Fogel an offer he couldn’t refuse.

But then…….

California’s Supreme Court blocked the execution.

California’s federal and state court battle to carry out the state’s first execution in nearly five years on Thursday came to end today when the California Supreme Court blocked the proceeding.

…..the high court prevented the execution when it refused the state’s emergency request for acceleration of an appeal deadline in a case in a state lawsuit on execution procedures.

The court’s seven justices, after meeting in San Francisco, unanimously agreed, “No compelling reason appears why this court should, by extraordinary means, remove an obstacle to Brown’s execution by denying” the normal appeal time in a case filed by two other inmates.

The high court action left a 2007 Marin County Superior Court injunction against executions in place while two inmates appeal a Sept. 20 appeals court ruling that would dissolve the injunction.

As you might imagine, there are literally a few hundred opinion pieces out there in the California media, including one from Ms. Nancy Mullane, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter who was selected as one of the media witnesses to the execution.  It would be a fairly astute guess to tag Ms. Mullane as ‘slightly liberal’.


I’ve  a few questions through all this:

1.  How much money has this one case already cost the taxpayers of California and America and what’s the estimate of future funds needed ?

2.  Has anyone talked with the murdered girl’s family in the past week ?……… Answer to that is ‘not that I can find in the media.’

3.  Does anyone besides me think things have gone far beyond failing a smell test for a purposeful attempt to nationally renew and highly politicize the death penalty debate ?

……and people wonder why California is being referred to as ‘Califailure’.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

Cross-posted at T.A.S.G. originally on September 29th 2010, follow-up items on 10/4/2010.