Israel Survival Updates --- Book Two.

I’m talking about the Muslims ‘caught on video’ throwing ‘rocks’ at a Jerusalem resident’s car.

It was a setup by Muslim terrorists and Al Jazeera….. The target was preselected and known throughout Israel….. A Jewish settler’s organization director.


This just in…… Ahmadinejad sends The Pope a letter: Asks him to cooperate against secularism.


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Welcome to the second edition of an ongoing series cataloging the goings on in Israel as the homeland and the Jewish people attempt to fight for survival.

The initial edition of Israel Survival Updates can be accessed here.


We’ll begin this second offering with a video report from Israel National News showing a ship headed to Gaza being being stopped by Israel’s Navy.  Believe it or not, the ship was a Jewish ‘flotilla’.

Israeli commandos have successfully and peacefully overtaken the boat of  Jewish activists trying to break the maritime embargo on Hamas-controlled Gaza. The “Irene” boat is being towed to the Ashdod port.

On board was a who’s who of Israel’s own semi-organized version of Code Pink.



Abbas ‘freezes talks’ because Israel won’t ‘freeze building’…… and Abbas is getting heat for doing so.

Israel National News offers this article:

He (Abbas) has frozen discussions with Israel while giving Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu five days to reinstate the building freeze on Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria. If Israel does not comply, Abbas said he will turn to the Arab League to consider the next step.

So of course, that requires US Special Envoy George Mitchell to be ordered in to accelerate quell the looming disaster.


Ynet News currently has the following Reuters article splashing the front page:

Greek authorities were searching on Tuesday for a cargo ship suspected of carrying weapons from North Korea to Syria, officials told Reuters.

My guess is that in exchange for a steady supply of materiel, the peace lovers in Syria promised to go after the North Koreans last on the list of targets to subjugate and or convert in the worldwide Jihad.


Here’s a seriously vague, short and not-yet-followed-up item at The Jerusalem Post about an un-dated incident with El Al Airlines last week in Canada.

Representatives from the company reported that they did not suspect the incident was a terrorist threat, instead the explosives device was military equipment that was not reported.

Smell Test:  Fail.


Saving ‘the best’ for last in this opening panel of the second edition and courtesy of The Jerusalem Post:

While visiting Lebanon, Ahmadinejad will throw rocks at Israel.

Maybe it’s just me and some knowledge of the systems, but a Barrett 82A1 with an attached and calibrated B.O.R.S. in the hands of a highly trained two-person team could take care of this little dust up quite nicely using a single bacon-wrapped round.


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