Sworn Testimony Of Mr. Christopher Coates To The Civil Rights Commission - September 24, 2010.

The evidence is not yet ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, or this diary would be titled: “Purposely-scheduled-for-the-day and thoroughly staged ‘celebrity’ appearance before a Congressional committee was a smokescreen for a different hearing and sworn testimony that could assist greatly in taking down the current administration.

Mr. Stephen Colbert, a television host, testified before a Congressional Committee on immigration reform, a topic Mr. Colbert holds no true qualifications for being deemed an expert witness.

The entire multiple-hours-long exercise was and still is well beyond over-publicized and included a seven-man-armed-guard escort to remove Mr. Colbert from the building.

Every bit of research done on the hearing featuring testimony by Mr. Colbert and the Congresspersons involved has left many overtly cynical people from all walks of life the surety of ‘a complete and total coincidence‘ that another Congressional hearing was occurring within the exact same time frame as Mr. Colbert’s appearance.

The other hearing however, concerned many issues involving multiple potential felonious violations of The Voting Rights Act on a national basis and was hosted by The Civil Rights Commission.  The featured witness was a gentleman named Christopher Coates.


Here’s just one short excerpt of Mr. Coates’ sworn testimony in front of The Civil Rights Commission:

In the spring of 2009, Ms. King, who had by then been appointed Acting AAG for Civil Rights by the Obama Administration, called me to her office and specifically instructed me that I was not to ask any other applicants whether they would be willing to, in effect, race-neutrally enforce the VRA. Ms. King took offense that I was asking such a question of job applicants and directed me not to ask it because she does not support equal enforcement of the provisions of the VRA and had been highly critical of the filing and prosecution of the Ike Brown case.

A rather strong accusation directed towards one of The Assistant Attorney Generals Of The United States Department Of Justice, that if true, has far-reaching dire consequences on many levels.

Mr. Coates had best be able to prove his statement.  After all, that’s the cornerstone of our justice system.  The burden of proof sits with the accuser.

Mr. Coates was the second witness testifying in the matter of……. Let’s just say ‘possible violations of The Voting Rights Act and it’s enforcement’, so we don’t get all emotional and bent out of shape.

If you haven’t deduced the next bit of information already on your own, a gent named J. Christian Adams was the initial witness to testify regarding ‘possible violations of The Voting Rights Act and it’s enforcement’.

Both Mr. Coates and Mr. Adams are attorneys and were employed within The Voting Rights Section of The Department of Justice of The United States of America.

To ensure full context is at the forefront, the highlighted in blue text is a link that will take you directly to a PDF offering of Mr. Christopher Coates – Sworn testimony before The Civil Rights Commission on September 24, 2010.    The file is nineteen printed pages and slightly over 1MB in data size.

Following Mr. Coates’ prepared remarks to The Commission, there was a question and answer session – all under oath – that at times, was more revealing on all sides than the prepared text.

A website called Pajamas Media has the following two items that warrant attention:  1.  Complete video coverage of Mr. Coates’ testimony, plus the question and answer session, along with a history of what brought on today’s Civil Rights Commission hearing.  2.  A column by Mr. J. Christian Adams on Mr. Coates’ testimony and more which was written on 23 September 2010.

Mr. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has additional information from Mr. Coates’ testimony putting forth the uncovering of a problem with The Voting Rights Act in the US Senate election campaign office of Ms. Robin Carnahan (D).

Four other sources for this diary entry:

Mr. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.

A column from Mr. Glenn ‘Instapundit‘ Reynolds

An article at FoxNews.com on the matter.

Mr. Josh Gerstein weighs in with a three page missive at Politico.

There now should be enough electronic documentation to get you started on what will undoubtedly be some in-depth thought, additional research on your own to ensure verification and validity of all above information and as I have been known to implore of late, your starting to look at things with a view towards The Big Picture……. No…….. Bigger.


Added 25 September 2010 ; 11:15pm Eastern Time…..

Mr. Michael Yaki of The United States Commission On Civil Rights – This gentleman has a VERY interesting resume.  Please scroll down through the diary for multiple entries regarding Mr. Yaki.

For Mr. Yaki’s bio directly, click here .


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