8,600 Boxes And Bags Of Counterfeit Laundry Detergent From China Seized In Seattle.

If you let yourself think ‘big picture’, this can have huge implications.

U.S. agents seized 8,600 boxes and bags of counterfeit laundry detergent in a shipment from China, U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman said Thursday.

8,600 boxes and bags that make a big picture view absolutely enormous.

The counterfeit detergent, discovered Tuesday at the Seattle seaport, contained 5,000 boxes that closely resembled Tide and 3,600 bags of detergent which closely resembled the brand name of Ariel.

Let’s play a one-question game I’m gonna call “For The Heck Of It”.

We’ll begin with the background setup:

1.  It’s not like every single shipping container coming into America from all over the world gets thoroughly inspected.

2.  How much of this kind of thing – not just laundry detergent – do you think has gotten into the country already ?

3.  How much of this kind of thing – not just laundry detergent – do you think gets in daily ? — Weekly ? — Monthly ?

With that in mind and the chance to win a laurel – and hardy handshake…… Ladies and gentlemen, c’mon down !….. It’s time for the new one-question game show “For The Heck Of It”:

If one box — ONE SMALL BOX – maybe 1/2 cubic foot in capacity – put inside a carton, which is placed on a legitimately tagged and fully wrapped pallet that’s sealed in a container has ‘something else‘ in it and gets picked up and/or is received by the intended recipient………. How many millions will die ?


Something from my last diary on a different topic, that you may agree has the same depth here:  We’re entering a seriously dangerous time in our lives and our nation’s history, that will – not can – will have instant and generational repercussions to individual rights, liberties and freedom overall.

Think ‘big picture’……… no……. bigger.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
Political Analyst T.A.S.G.