Hey, good news: America is officially out of the recession --- Since June of 2009 --- Really --- Teh Gubmint says so.

Yeah…… We exited the recession……… Straight into a depression.

But it’s not a depression…….. At least not according to our own administration and the news service called Agence France Presse (AFP).

Click and read this load of happy horse squeeze……. The US economy exited recession in June 2009, the National Bureau of Economic Research said on Monday, ending the most sustained downturn since World War II.

“The recession lasted 18 months, which makes it the longest of any recession since World War II,” the bureau said in a statement.

More than eight million jobs were lost in the slump that was triggered by dodgy Wall Street mortgage investments.


Happy happy……. Joy joy……. Teh Gubmint says we’re out of the recession……. So everybody’s gonna get their jobs back, be able to re-purchase their oh-so-low-taxed and foreclosed on homes and properties, afford to lease brand new evil S.U.V.’s, put that new 72″ 3D LED flat panel TV on their unlimited balance low-interest credit cards, etc.

It’s all so hopey-changey, chock full of pixie dust and rainbow-colored odor-free Unicorn poots.

By the way, if you read it all and still don’t get it, the administration is lying through their Constitutional-usurping teeth and they’re doing so on purpose.

Our nation is two words short of total economic and societal collapse at the hands of those who would love nothing better than to see it all happen.

Those two words are: “Margin Called”……. and as soon as the big debt-holding nations are in full knowledge that they can do without our money from trade (China) and everything else that goes with it like helping their own defense (nations that China would ‘guarantee’ to help their ‘security’), that’s exactly what they’re going to say……. “Margin Called”.


Ya know something ?

This press release from The National Bureau Of Economic Research is coming across as nothing more than just another “nudge”…….. Let’s see if I can find out how much of a connection there is between the National Bureau Of Economic Research and The Office Of Information And Regulatory Policy.

I’m guessing two things……… 1.  Every possible lead will have already been scrubbed…… and 2.  The connections are direct, because it lately seems as if all Federal press releases and statements, policy memos and action directives from all agencies and departments have almost the exact same language and structure.



Kenny Solomon
The framers of our Constitution knew that the government should never have a monopoly on force.  That’s why they articulated our God given right to self defense and ensured the right to keep and bear arms was written in our Bill of Rights.  Let’s not forget: George Washington didn’t use his right to free speech to defeat the British.   He shot them.