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In no particular order……… Well…….. Yeah, it’s all in the order I wanted to place the articles, because I get on the old freakazoid connect the unconnectable dots at the end.


To begin with…………

Our humble but lovable Dictator In Training Pants has put some “change” into The Declaration Of Independence.

Click and watch:

Hey, y’all forgot a few words…… “endowed by their Creator” seems to be missing……… Oh, right….. You didn’t forget……. You meant to leave that out.


Don’t even remotely try and tell me or anyone else that’s not on purpose, deliberate and an attempt to alter everything.


UK — Don’t like someone ? — Report them to police as bad drivers. — They’re done.

Police are asking motorists to spy on each other for examples of poor driving in an alarming new extension of the ‘Big Brother’ state.  Drivers are told to be on the look out for inconsiderate driving or anybody making ‘excessive noise’ with their car.

Detailed reports – which critics warn could easily be malicious accusations against neighbours – are submitted to the police, who log extensive details on a huge computer database.  The details are also checked against DVLA databases and the Police National Computer.

Anybody who is reported twice in 12 months faces police action – despite never being caught breaking the law.  Officers say they can be considered ‘repeat offenders’.  The action could involve a warning letter or even a knock on the door from a police officer.


Nope….. It can’t happen here……… Not a chance…… Especially not with the current completely open and transparent government usurping just about every Right, liberty and freedom our nation has held for well over two hundred years in place.


Ohhhhhhh, Mexico……. The bombs sound sweet with the sun sinking low……….. Ohhhhhhh, Mexi………

Bombs ?

Mexico ?

I thought it was only evil scary-looking guns from America that are the problem in Mexico ?

Pray tell just exactly from who and where are the Mexicans ever getting such a fantastamic edumakashun learning bomb-making and placement technique ?

Mexican soldiers deactivated a bomb at a mall in central Mexico Saturday, but it was not clear if the incident was tied to the country’s drug war, Mexican newspaper Milenio reported.


Drug war ?

That’s just a small part of what’s happening.

The media and our government either refuse to see it, are purposely ignoring it all – or worse, helping them…….. Mexico is now a practice field for the lunatic Moose Limbs coming here – The 12th Imam types making sure they’re still ‘competent martyr material’, can yell out Tally-Ho Snackbar at the right moment,……. PLUS…….. Now they get the added satisfaction of showing their purely-evil Mexican brethren how to take things to the next level.


Oye Ooooooooogo……. Joo wanna haff tsum noo-kew-kahr weeponz ?  Bee gonna make dat happen fer joo, okay maing ?

The FBI arrested a couple trying sell nuclear-weapons development data to a man they thought was an agent of Venezuela.

Accused in a 22-count indictment are Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni, 75, a naturalized US Citizen from Argentina, and Marjorie Roxby Mascheroni, 67, a U.S. citizen. Both were formerly contract employees at Los Alamos.

According to the indictment, Pedro Mascheroni told an undercover agent he could help Venezuela develop a nuclear bomb within 10 years and that under his program, Venezuela would use a secret, underground nuclear reactor to produce and enrich plutonium, and an open, aboveground reactor to produce nuclear energy.


You think that’s “kind of bad” ?

Read on, McDuff……….


Once the workers arrived at Manuel and Baldonado’s Florida residence, the couple confiscated their passports, then “housed them in overcrowded, substandard conditions without adequate food or drinking water; put them to work at area country clubs and hotels for little or no pay; required them to remain in the defendants’ service, unpaid when there was insufficient work.” They ordered them not to leave the premises without permission and “threatened to have the workers arrested and deported for complaining about these terms and conditions,” the statement said.



Hey, time for me to get crazy – off the deep end – needing meds…….. After all I didn’t eat for 25 hours with that Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo Yom Kippur thingy goin’ on.

Maybe those last two stories are actually a joint venture of two terror cells…… In nuclear war and slavery, love is all that really matters.

Maybe it’s a requirement of those personal dating/matching companies…… Participation in “Community (Organizing) Service.

The nuke couple could have been working with the slave couple to get the stuff transferred.

There could even be another couple involved….. A couple where the woman is finally proud of her country and the man is some sort of a Marxist-Jihadi full of “hope” and hell-bent on causing everything to “change” no matter what has to go on.

Oh well…….. Y’all can head on back to whatever it was y’all were doing before you decided to grace my insane world with your presence.  For all you know, I simply made up everything on this entire diary and somehow got a few news services to play along.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
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