"....we do hope that there will be a high voter turnout and that nobody will be deterred by security incidents."

Voters appeared hesitant to go to polling stations………..

…..election observers were wounded by an explosion inside a polling center…..

Thousands of people may not be able to vote, with many polling stations……. to remain closed because security cannot be guaranteed.

Corruption and fraud are also serious concerns after a deeply flawed presidential ballot……….

Election watchdogs have reported thousands of fake voter registration cards……….

“Democracy, what’s that ?…….. I’m not going to vote, the people who get elected are just in it for themselves…………….”


Wait…….. You thought…….. No, not here in America you silly goose…….. Afghanistan…….

Today……… Happening now…….. As I type this diary.

An article from Turkey’s state-run news service, The World Bulletin:

An armed attack near a polling station in Afghanistan’s north killed one Afghan soldier and six pro-government militiamen on Saturday as elections begun, police said.

“One national army and six Arbaki (militiamen) were killed in the attack,” Baghlan’s police chief, Abdul Rahman Rahimi, told reporters by phone. Five others were wounded in the attack in Baghlan province, which took place near a polling station and an adjacent security outpost.

Freedom for Muslim women.

Two Afghan election observers were wounded by an explosion inside a polling centre in eastern Khost province, said Khost police chief Abdul Haqim Eshaqzai.

Entrance to a polling place in Afghanistan.

Almost 300,000 Afghan soldiers and police are providing security for the poll, backed up by some 150,000 foreign troops.

Karzai Votes.

Karzai, re-elected to a second term last year amid massive fraud that was mostly in his favour, urged all Afghans to vote, including those Taliban who are the sons of his country.


The article, culled from several agencies (World Bulletin uses Reuters, AP, AFP, UPI and their own staff), states that even some preliminary election results will not be known until October 8th at best and the overall election of 249 Parliament seats won’t be made official until October 30th at the earliest.

I can’t see a single thing going wrong with any aspect of this election, can you ?

Look……. Just because there’s a few trillion dollars of newly discovered untapped mineral deposits (including thousands of tons of uranium) up for grabs in the Afghanistan’s north sector……. I mean, it’s not like there’s a problem with any peace-loving domestic Taliban or other ‘invited Muslim guests’ activities ANYWHERE in the nation……… Why worry about even one American stationed in-country having their tactical hands tied behind their backs, weapons ordered safed, no rounds chambered and please don’t hurt anyone.

Totally free and open-transparent elections are happening and everything’s great in The ‘Stan !


Say it with me now…… “It’s Bush’s Fault !”

Kenny Solomon
Political Analyst, T.A.S.G.


Fancy snarkified writin’ ‘n twistin implications ©2010 K L Solomon.
Article and photographs ©2010 World Bulletin (Turkey).

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UPDATE — 8:00AM — 18 September 2010

Article at The UK Telegraph website:

At least 10 Afghans were killed as voters braved Taliban rockets, assaults on polling stations and death threats to vote in the country’s parliamentary elections.

Sporadic rocket attacks, bombings and shootings were reported in many provinces as Nato and government forces tried to thwart insurgent threats to disrupt the day.


Juma Khan, a farmer in the Marjah area of Helmand where American marines have been struggling to subdue the Taliban since February, told The Sunday Telegraph he had wanted to vote, but feared he would die.  Fighters had visited his mosque a week earlier and broadcast warnings on the loudspeakers, telling locals to stay inside on polling day or be beaten up. Everyone had obeyed, he said. “They said we should boycott it because it was not Islamic and was corrupt.”


Nope…… No problems at all.

Oy vey, vass iss diss mess vee gotts usselfs into ?