In case anyone wants to know the "why" on Yom Kippur and Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos.


There’s an article at Israel National News that pretty much sums up the deal with ‘my people’ and the big day.

I’ve not c/p’d any of the article text.

Yom Kippur: When Israel Stops, Looks Inward.

Except for one thing as a bit of expected-from-me snark at the very end, I’ll not comment on any of the article text for a few reasons.

1. I’m not the ‘practicing religious’ type of person.  My reasons are mine and mine alone.

2. I won’t even pretend to be a practicing religious type of person.

3. The last time I set foot in a Synagogue was for my business partner’s three daughter’s Bat Mitzvahs in August of ’09 (My business partner is “janiel_” here at Redstate).  That was the first time in a temple for me in probably twenty years. I will swear to my dying breath when I first crossed the threshold to the sanctuary itself that morning, I definitely heard a deep booming voice coming from everywhere but coming from nowhere that said “What are you doing here ?” Nobody else heard it, but Janie understood.  I made my peace with ‘the voice’ all through the ceremonies and am still doing so to this day.

4. I try and honor the significance of it all due to my belief in God, my upbringing and as a tribute to my parents who always did the same.

5. I don’t eat during Yom Kippur – Usually make it the 25 hours no problem. But I do drink water….. I cannot allow myself to dehydrate again – I’ll end up in hospital. Long story – multiple times of being dumber than a box of rocks – not connected with the holiday observance and not for telling here.

6. Yes, I contemplate the clouds many times over the day and it can get quite emotional.


I pray that everyone here at RedState, Jews around the world and Israel herself be placed in His book for a happy, healthy, blessed and truly peaceful new year and for millennia beyond.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
Proud American.
Proud Jew.


PS…….. I’ll be around the computer all night and all day tomorrow…….. I’m not the type to detach from a real world on the brink.  At least one Jew here has to mind the store, eh ?

PPS (the snarkified me)……… Why do they call it a “fast” if it goes so slow ?  😉