NJ....... "Caregiver" on video repeatedly abusing 91-year-old woman.

You think you’ve seen the worst of human behavior…. and then you see more.

Some of y’all know my parents are in a nursing home – together.

Some of y’all know I took care of them by myself for well over four years.

Some of y’all understand full well what that entails on every level for everyone concerned.

Watch this (if you can for more than one second):

Pereira, who cared for the woman eight hours a day, five days a week for the last 11 years, may face additional charges but is currently out on bail, police said.


I’m almost at a loss for words, but not quite.

This stellar example of evil has lost all rights as a human being to continue breathing our air.

Straight up in my world:   On the first instance of actual evidence, that “caregiver” would have been in a box being lowered into the ground.

Nobody would have been able to stop me.


By the way…… I’d like an explanation of why this 91-year-old woman’s children let it go on after they found the first instance.


Kenny Solomon
Political Analyst, T.A.S.G.


Thank you to Andrew Breitbart for getting this national notice.