Israel Survival Updates --- Book One.

It took this long to find out that evil bas Mr. Soros backs suicidal Jews ?

Also, Iran wants to exchange ‘medical nuclear fuel’ for their stopping enriching uranium.

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I had a silly idea to keep news of us Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos in one spot, so this is now an ongoing diary….

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Original diary from 5 September 2010 right here – untouched.


Article at Israel National News (with two source links):

Clinton Sidesteps Her ‘United Jerusalem’ Pledge.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton backtracked on Friday from her previous pledge (in 2007) that “Israel’s right to exist in safety as a Jewish state, with defensible borders and an undivided Jerusalem as its capital, secure from violence and terrorism, must never be questioned.”

Friday 3 September 2010: “Jerusalem is a contested emotional issue for both Israelis and Palestinians.  I want to support what is the outcome that the parties can agree to.  And I think both parties know that they’re going to have to engage on this issue and come to an understanding and a resolution so that Jerusalem becomes not a flashpoint but the symbol of peace and cooperation.”

Her refusal to confirm her campaign pledge is not without precedent.  U.S. President Barack Obama, during his campaign, also said he backed an “undivided Jerusalem” as Israel’s “eternal capital,” but following a furious Arab reaction, he tempered his comments 24 hours later, saying he meant that Israel and the Palestinian Authority must find a solution on their conflicting claims over the city.He later blamed “poor phrasing” for the misunderstanding.


Seems to be tons of “misunderstandings” going on lately. *

Here’s the pecking order for the current U.S. policy towards Israel….. Many of your friends and relatives helped bring this into American reality on November 4th 2008.

Barack Hussein Obama (POTUS).
Hillary Clinton (Sec. State).
Harold Koh (State Dept. Counsel).
Samantha Power (Special Advisor to POTUS/Dir. of Multilateral Affairs, Nat’l. Sec. Council).

…..and of course, George Mitchell (Senior Envoy).

If those people are not all rabid anti-Semites, then somebody please tell me what they are.  The term ‘politicians’ simply won’t cut it, not with me at least.

Ms. Power (a.k.a. Mrs. Cass Sunstein) has openly called for Israel to be attacked by US forces, land seized and given back to it’s ‘owners’ (the Palestinians).

Mr. Koh is an avowed Transnationalist working towards a one-world government (through ICR2P and The UN).

Mr. Mitchell is visibly more concerned with the feelings of Hamas during ‘negotiations’ than the reality of their stated charter of eliminating Israel and Jews world-wide.

Israel and all Jews need to wake up.  The current American government is NOT your friend even in the slightest and there’s no “misunderstandings” involved.

Kenny Solomon
Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of thirteen on September 5th 1972.


* Misunderstandings:
Crossroads In Turkey
Video and transcript at The White House website.
6 April 2009
An address to The Parliament Of Turkey by Barack Hussein Obama, POTUS.
“We seek broader engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect.  We will listen carefully, we will bridge misunderstandings, and we will seek common ground.  We will be respectful, even when we do not agree.  We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”
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