Food Safety Reform -- Coming To A Congress Near You -- This Session.

I implore you to think ‘big picture’….. Bigger……. No, much bigger than that……….

Good morning, may I take your order sir ?

Yes, I’ll have a double order of bacon – not crispy ; three eggs over easy ; home fries – those deep-fried ones y’all make are the best ; rye toast – extra butter and a big ol’ cup of coffee with some espresso added.

I’m sorry sir, I can’t do that.

Why not ?

Last evening, full nationwide recalls of all eggs, bacon, potatoes, cooking oil, processed flour, butter, milk and coffee were announced and as of about an hour ago an executive order from The White House made all of those products illegal in America – The document said something about ‘immediate safety concerns for the good of the people’.

You’re kidding me ?

No sir.  Came out of nowhere…. Just like that half-a-billion egg recall a few months ago.


Passing food safety reform legislation this year is a “priority” for the Senate, said a spokesman for Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, as Congress feels pressure from consumer groups to act following the latest recall to highlight weaknesses in the system.


“It has been and will continue to be a priority,” said Jim Manley, a spokesman for Reid. “I hope to have the bill on the floor this work period,” he said.


Foodborne illnesses sicken an estimated 76 million people in the United States each year and 5,000 die, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


So, what did we learn today ?

1. Harry Reid isn’t writing his own legislation (ya damn well know he ain’t reading any of it either).  Somebody named Jim Manley is doing Reid’s job, at least on this next disaster (“I hope to have the bill on the floor this work period.”).

2. There are approximately 350 million people living in America (legally and otherwise).  According to the CDC, 76 million here get food poisoning each and every year.  Unless I suck at math (actually, I do suck at math), that’s something around 20 percent of the population of The United States gets food poisoning each and every year (give or take some tourists).  Really ?  I like to think at somewhere approaching 1 percent of the nation’s population getting food poisoning over a one year period, alarm bells would be going off in every home in the nation and on news services all over the planet.

3. Discount the interconnections within all things before and after January 20 2009 all you want…… This administration is truly coming after anything and everything that even remotely pertains to freedom….. Your freedom – today – now – not just planning to control those who will be here after us.


Remember…. Bigger picture than you’ve ever thought possible in what used to be a free nation.

This is much more than just protecting anybody or ensuring the safety of food sources.

This is much more than just creating new and expanding existing agencies with layers upon layers of inspectors, paper-pushers, supervisors, managers.

This is much more than just the heavy hand of government coming down on producers and the logistics of the nation’s food supply.

This is much more than just a foot in the door to real control.

It’s a boot.

A nanny-state Totalitarian jackboot being stitched together……. Sunstein/Holdren style.


All in all it’s just another brick nudge in the wall.


Kenny Solomon
South Florida
Political Analyst, T.A.S.G.

I carry a firearm because a police officer is too heavy.


Cross-posted at T.A.S.G.

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