So when does the administration start bankrupting the natural gas industry ?

I was looking for something completely unrelated to this topic.  However, when I saw the (second) link below, I had to put font to screen.

The real story began long before in proposal, design and enviro-study, but it all officially took to life on 30 May 2008 when an application was filed for…….

The Marsh Landing Generating Station, Antioch (Contra Costa County) California.

The MLGS facility is proposed for a 27-acre industrial site north of Wilbur Avenue, one mile northeast of the City of Antioch, and south of the San Joaquin River. Highway 4 and the Antioch Bridge are approximately 0.7 miles east of the site. The MLGS would be constructed adjacent to the recently-completed Gateway Power Station and the existing Contra Costa Power Plant (CCPP), an older facility which is scheduled to be retired when the Marsh Landing Generating Station is complete.

Fast forward to August 27th 2010………

In a unanimous vote, the state’s Energy Commission this week approved construction of a power plant project on 27 acres outside the city, recommending licensing for the natural gas-fired 760-megawatt facility.

The panel determined that an environmental assessment of the project was adequate and that the facility would have no significant environmental effects.  The proposal complies with 19 applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards.


Only 19 laws, ordinances, regulations and standards ?  We are talking about Califailure, aren’t we ?  I expected something like 19 or more laws, ordinances, regulations and standards per hour of the evaluation period, if they could have been thought of and written by Los Leftos.

But here we are and all that remains is for The State Of Californa to actually issue the physical license for the facility (meaning Aaaaaahnold or one of his on-high muckety-muck lackeys needs to pop the ol’ Johnny Hancock on the back of a cocktail napkin), then Mirant can kick the tires and light the fires for getting the place built and online.

I like this – Really – Some actual git-r-done technology (not some sort of heavy-handed Marxist Jihadi Totalitarian Statist nudge) saves the day.  I have a problem with the Mirant Marsh Landing Corporation using Siemens as their vendor for generation and control equipment – That’s for all of Siemens’ Nazi history, plus dealings with Iran’s nuke setup.  Thing is though, Siemens makes the best power generating and support gear on the planet along with G.E…… Neither of those tech companies do I trust at all, but that’s another diary for another day.  But I digress…….

The new facility replacing CCPP will not use river water for the cooling system.  I’m a huge proponent of positive moves forward for humans and leaving alone what can be left alone, plus help keeping it that way for all to use.  I now may take up fly fishing and make the over 3,000 mile trek to pay a visit to NorCal just to see the area and hang out (plus visit a few wineries I like – DeLoach and Kunde come to mind straight away).

But that’s not the half of it.

You do know what this new generating station means for the San Joaquin/East Bay area, yes ?  It’s more than just electricity for all the evil human beings infesting the area with their awful SUV’s and locked-on-American-Idol-flat-panel-TV’s.

There’s going to be a gen-you-wine celebration because real soon, The Delta Smelt will be able to return home and frolic amongst the river’s submerged abandoned cars, skeletal remains of Meh-see-koh cartel hits and the odd bag-o’-cats.  Plus the people in Sacramento will once again have full government release to poop all they want and maybe even (hope for change !) get back to using 2gpf toilets without worrying.

And think of all the hilarity that will ensue with the pending union strikes, demands for racial equality hiring quotas at the site for construction jobs and of course, all the illegal aliens…… um…… undocumented workers…… er……. displaced travelers seeking employment.

Plus, we can’t forget to completely exclude any security needs, because as we all know, there’s not even one person on the planet who would like to see the new facility AND the old one get whacked over the head by an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator™.

Gee, was the latter half of my commentary a tad too snarkified ?

Naaaaaaaah.  I didn’t think so either.

By the way……. Where’s all the enviro-loon protests because of an evil Capitalist power plant being built ?

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
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