Got Mamey ?..... Yeah ?..... Got Typhoid ?..... Maybe.

Yes, I said typhoid.

You know, the really nasty bug.

Frozen fruit bars recalled after typhoid outbreak.

(AP) – Fruiti Pops Inc. of Santa Fe Springs has recalled its mamey (mah-MAY’) frozen fruit bars because of a possible link to a rare U.S. outbreak of typhoid fever. The company said Thursday that the fruit bars were distributed in California, Arizona and Texas since May 2009. Fruiti Pops says retail stores, ice cream trucks and vending machines sold the frozen fruit bars, which have the UPC number 763734000097.

The company says the frozen fruit bars were made from contaminated mamey pulp that Goya Foods Inc. voluntarily recalled on August 12, after it was linked to a typhoid fever outbreak in California and Nevada. So far no illnesses have been reported from the mamey fruit bars. Mamey or zapote (zah-POH’-teh) is a tropical fruit popular in Latin America and the Carribean.


Just in case you didn’t see through the veil of it all instantly……… Any link to typhoid is about a 99.99% surety to be on a straight line to the people working in the plant making the frozen treats (nah, not one of ’em will be “displaced travelers”) and/or the folks in the growing fields (why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the farms are in Mexico).

That won’t get reported unless the main media has zero choice……. but at that point, they’ll ignore the entire story.

Of course my next totally intemperate thought was………. How long before the obvious garbage comes out ?…………… It’s a tea party plot !……….. Typical bitter God-clinging gun owners want to kill all Hispanics by poisoning their food !


Gee, seems as if I took an extra dose of cynicism with my vitamins today.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
Typical bitter Eeeeevil Joooooooooooish God-clinging Constitution-loving gun owning barking-mad-insane NASCAR fan and a much better golfer than you-know-who.
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