New Mexico: Two men arrested for fake shooting in grocery store parking lot.

New Mexico – Associated Press Report via Police One:

Police have charged two people with misdemeanors after a staged fight outside a grocery store sent officers responding to emergency calls about a shooting that turned out to be faked.

Police in the southeastern New Mexico city of Roswell arrested Nevada Smith, 26, and Delilah Cole, 24, on Monday in connection with Saturday’s incident. Officer Travis Holley, a police spokesman, said a group staged an argument in a parking lot about 8 p.m., and as it escalated, Smith fired blanks at another person from a real gun.

The supposed victim used condiments from a fast food restaurant as fake blood, then the group loaded the limp body in a pickup truck and fled, Holley said.

More than a half dozen police officers, plus homicide detectives and a crime scene unit, responded, police said.

Smith was charged with misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, negligent use of a firearm, public nuisance and discharge of a firearm in city limits.  Cole was charged with public nuisance and disorderly conduct, Holley said. Smith and Cole remained jailed Tuesday morning and officials didn’t know if they had attorney. Holley said other warrants have been issued, also for misdemeanor charges.


I bet there was at least one or two friends with video cameras there recording it all for a ‘viral’ video.  More is gonna come out about this – guaranteed.  A whole bunch of TV shows and websites look for this kind of thing and encourage it all.

It’s also perfect fodder for the anti-gun freaks…… and they quite possibly may be part of it – yeah really – what better way to draw attention to evil scary-looking guns in the hands of private citizens.  Don’t doubt me on that.

These idiots are also incredibly lucky one or more armed and caring citizens weren’t around or the fake gunmen may have had real problems with real holes.

Here in Flori-duh, we have many such ‘stand-up’ citizens and laws to protect us in doing so…….. Castle Doctrine / no-retreat / self-defense and the defense of others.


Kenny Solomon
I carry a firearm because a police officer is too heavy.
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