News from the peaceful nuclear world: Sudan and Egypt are go.

News from the ‘peaceful’ nuclear world:  Sudan AND Egypt.

First we have Sudan.

You know them.  The friendly folks who host all the fun in Darfur.

Sudan Moves Forward On ‘Peaceful’ Nuclear Reactor.

Sudanese leaders established a nuclear program in early 2010, according to state news agency SUNA, and they plan to build the country’s first nuclear power station in 2020. They say the program is necessary in order to provide electricity to all of the country’s citizens, many of whom live in areas with no electric grid.

Iran’s senior leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in April that Iran is prepared to help Sudan create a nuclear program by sharing both knowledge and technology. The two countries share close economic and political ties; both are Islamic theocratic states.


…..and then………

Nuke Up Like An Egyptian.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is preparing to announce plans to construct the country’s first nuclear power plant, an official said.

An unnamed source told the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry-al-Youm Mubarak is likely to name Dabaa as the site for the country’s first nuclear power plant Monday.



Sho’ nuff, weez gots us a heap a-trubbel headin’ in from down yonder in the holler.

Best git ‘nother rifle or three offen the rack ‘n make a few more vittles fer storin’.

Oh wait……. I dun gots all that thar up ‘n workin’ dang near two years back.

I’ll juss’ gwan ‘n git me sum more ammo fer what’s a-comin’.

Bring it on y’all psycho Moose Limb Quranimals…… Poke yer heads up over that log near the crick.  G’head ‘n yell that Tally-Ho Snack Bar garbage ‘n watch what happens.  Yer lookin’ fer luv ‘n that twelfth i-pod dude in all the wrong places.


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