Name That Party: Alabama Mayoral Candidate Fakes Support Of Crimson Tide Coach Saban.

Alabama mayoral candidate fakes support of popular football coach.

Few people are more popular in Alabama these days than University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban.  Fresh off leading the Crimson Tide to an undefeated national championship season after years of pre-Saban mediocrity, the coach has a reputation for turning everything he touches into gold.

(Ed note….  Except for what he did to my Dolphins, that lousy mot……… Never mind, this isn’t about football…….. We continue on with the article…….)

So what state political candidate wouldn’t want to bask in his reflected glow — even if doing so involves a bit of clever photo manipulation? Dorothy Davidson — a candidate for mayor in Bessemer, Alabama — is distributing campaign fliers featuring a photo of her and the popular coach posing on a golf course together. Below the photo of Saban and Davidson, the flier reads: “Nick Saban fully supports Dorothy ‘Dot’ Davidson, and thinks she would be an excellent Mayor for the City of Bessemer.”

However, there’s just one problem with these fliers: Saban never posed for a photo with Davidson, nor has he endorsed her mayoral candidacy.


Now for the fun………

1.  The photos in question are in the article linked at the top.

2.  Ms. Davidson’s campaign manager is falling on his sword, taking the blame.

3.  There is nothing anywhere I looked that shows Ms. Davidson’s political party affiliation…… Nothing….. Anywhere….. Including the Bessemer City Council website.


But I did find the following:

1.  Bessemer Opinions – The Progressive Voice Of Bessemer Alabama.

Is Today Crazy Day ?

You’ve gotta read that page…… Whooooo-weeeeee.

The main page for ‘Bessemer Opinions’.

2.  Apparently, Bessemer is the crime capitol of Alabama.



Of course, if I offer any opinions, whatever I say will be taken as raaaaaaaaaaacist.

Stay classy “Progressives”.

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