US District Judge Throws Out Piracy Charges Against Somalis Who Attacked The USS Ashland.

Lawyers for the men challenged the piracy charge, which was brought under a law dating back to 1819, and Judge Raymond Jackson agreed to throw it out because their conduct did not include robbing, boarding, or taking control of the USS Ashland warship.

“The court finds that the government has failed to establish that any unauthorized acts of violence or aggression committed on the high seas constitutes piracy as defined by the law,” Jackson said in a 21-page ruling.

Prosecutors accused the six men aboard a small skiff in the Gulf of Aden of opening fire on the USS Ashland, a warship that supports amphibious operations. The U.S. vessel returned fire, sunk the skiff, killed one person and captured the others.


US District Court Justice Raymond Alvin Jackson ; Clinton appointee (1993).

Nit-picking at it’s finest….. Full rights afforded to foreign nationals who were in the fully visible attempt of trying to attack a US Navy ship of the line, kill Americans and possibly command hostages.

Appeasement to enemies of America – Democrat standard operational procedure – Directed from the top.

Our lovely D.O.J. will now probably order charges levied against all Navy personnel who dealt with the Somalis (even indirectly), claiming each and every one of the typical bitter God-clingers in uniform violated the Somail’s civil rights.


I’ll say this plainly – in the open – for all to see and make sure there’s no “misunderstanding” from me:

They’re foreign national enemy combatants.  I don’t care what religion they are.  I don’t care what color their skin is.  It matters not a whit what nation is their home.

Their goal was to kill Americans and possibly take hostages.


See ’em heading on beam to one of our ships and ID as hostile – confirmed ?

Terminate target with extreme prejudice, as visible to the world as possible.

No warnings ; no quarter ; no mercy.


Kenny Solomon
Political Analyst, T.A.S.G.
…..and an Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo too.
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