UK: Sewage powered VW Beetle hits the road in Bristol.

OK, go ahead and laugh:

Honey, I gotta go bad….. Hook up the car to the valve outside and make sure both the car’s and the house data transmitter/receivers are registering.

Trust me….. Laugh now…… I’ll wait.

OK ?



UK:  Sewage-powered VW Beetle hits the road in Bristol.

Mohammed Saddiq, of GENeco, a Wessex Water subsidiary which runs the biogas plant at Avonmouth, said: “Our site has been producing biogas for many years, which we use to generate electricity to power the site and export to the National Grid.”

“With the surplus gas we had available we wanted to put it to good use in a sustainable and efficient way.  We decided to power a vehicle on the gas, offering a sustainable alternative to using fossil fuels which we so heavily rely on in the UK.”


I’m not going to snark this at all.

I can’t.

It’s too dangerous of an idea within a Totalitarian State and it’s coming in slow increments now.

Put on your thinking cap – not your tin-foil hat – your real thinking cap.

The first and only thing I thought of on first glance at the article headline was the following:

How long before this (and/or some other) kind of biofuel tech is mandated through governments via ICLEI as the only form of fuel a vehicle will be allowed to have ?

Yes, I’m serious.  It’ll start small….. One town – maybe Bristol in the UK – ‘Any vehicles sold in the town after a date in the near future are to be biofuel only.  No used car sales of fossil-fuel vehicles allowed after some other date close to the first one.’  The mandates will expand like a damn virus.  Sales of fossil fuels banned after a third date.

The green freaks will kill (maybe literally) to have something like this as the law of the land everywhere.

Think of the implications:  Complete retrofit of all plumbing systems in every structure existing to some sort of ‘uber-green’ specification that connects bathrooms to car fill-up systems ; government tracking, monitoring and actual control of all of it via two-way devices (patents on those devices owned by Franklin Raines and the current government here) ; taxes on everything – after all, we can’t have the government not taking your money in order for you to fill up your vehicle ; fines, imprisonment, etc. for non-compliance at all levels…….

…….And of course, if you can’t afford to have that all done to your home or business, can’t get credit to buy one of the newly mandated transportation vehicles, then the government will gladly step in and ‘loan’ you the money, furthering your complete submission and dependence.

I can keep going, but there’s no point…. You already think I’m way too far over the edge.

Big Brother On Steroids….. Plus all those (government-only) jobs saved and/or created.

Bristol, the water utility and the company (GENco) are integrated in ICLEI (www.iclei.org).

Volkswagen is fully on board as well with sustainable development.


Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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