Feds sue Michigan utility over coal-fired plant....... Electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.

I remember somebody on TV said something to that effect a while back….. Maybe it’s a quote.  Not sure.

Wait a second….. Bankrupting the coal industry.

Is that a quote too ?

Anyway, I think that skyrocketing thing is about to hit the launch pad.


Feds sue Michigan utility over coal-fired plant.

MONROE, Mich. (AP) – The federal government filed a lawsuit Thursday against DTE Energy Co., accusing the utility of modifying a major coal-fired plant without permits and the best equipment to control pollution.

The lawsuit asks a judge to consider shutting down Monroe Unit 2 until it complies with clean-air laws. Fines could be as high as $37,500 a day. In response, the utility said the government is wrong and no new permit was required.

The lawsuit is an “absurd and overly aggressive interpretation of environmental regulations. None of the work done … will cause an increase of emissions,” spokesman John Austerberry said.



Nah, this isn’t a nudge.

This is a shove over a cliff into a downward spiral that leads to a black hole of unimaginable government micro-management of every single industry, not just coal or energy.

Fade to a nondescript office, about a dozen people sitting on one side of a conference table.  A few government ID’s – Environmental Protection Agency, Department Of Justice, Office Of Information And Regulatory Policy, Department Of Homeland Security and others.

The other side of the table are a few people from a non-mentioned electric utility.

The head of the government attack squad speaks……….

“OK, you fixed the one problem.  Here’s 235,683 new ones in your existing operation that have to be fixed, each according to every step in this new 1,368,412 page document, with proof of completion forms personally signed by the CEO, VP of Marketing, each and every technician involved in the repairs (with photographic proof of work being done – time and date stamped) and each fully completed form reviewed and signed off by the plant’s most junior overnight watchman as that person needs experience in a saved or created job.”

“At any point in the process, if one signature or proof-of-performance item is missing, The EPA will seize management control over the facility.”


Yeah, I’m over the edge again with some wild scenario.

Off my meds.

Tin foil hat on a bit too tight.


Have you tried to pull a permit for work at your house lately and have some trouble with at least one of the ‘green initiatives’ ?

The reason for that is ICLEI….. Sustainable Development.   www.iclei.org

If your town, or county isn’t involved yet, make damn sure they never will……. It’s your freedom at stake.

You may not realize that “electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket” will be sourced from some of the most unlikely places, including so-called ‘greening’ of your home, most of the retrofitting to ‘go green’ is beyond inefficient, beyond costly, and beyond intricate in approval processes……. with all sorts of documentation going to some sort of government agency that’s already started mechanisms to track every single thing you do and……. well………. I’m not gonna go there…….. yet.


Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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