California - Bay Area - Y'all Are An 'Oy Vey' Test For The Rest Of America.

Hey there Bay Area……

Tsay hello to joor noo leetel phrent, The Delta Smelt Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse.

What’s that ?

You never heard of him ?

You haven’t been paying attention to the ‘nudge’.

Martinez, CA: Rebuilding a marina that will help revitalize the city put on hold due to a mouse.

Salt Marsh Harvest Mice, which are on the federal and state endangered species lists, have moved into the vegetation choking one of the four nearby disposal ponds where sediment dredged from the marina is dumped.

……..they will have to humanely trap and relocate the mice and then replace the removed habitat.

— — — — — —

Um…….. Er…….. Yeah.

Read the whole article.  You won’t believe the layers of bureaucracy and abject stupidity goi……… actually, yes you will.

Remember, there are thousands of flora and fauna on that endangered species list just waiting for Mr. Sunstein to ‘nudge’ his magic pen over a signature line for their individual calls to duty in the administration.


Santa Cruz – Got Fire ?

Too bad.

You don’t have enough firefighters anymore.

Fifty firemen among 142 full-time and 21 part-time city workers laid off.

Four engine companies shut down as part of the jobs saved or created cutbacks.

Most of the city’s 11 unions consented to 10 percent compensation cuts to avoid even more job losses. Meanwhile, three unions — representing firefighters, librarians, custodians, and clerical workers, among others — have yet to reach a deal with the city.

Video report from the local ABC affiliate.

— — — — — —

Looking around, it seems as if every single position in the Santa Cruz city government is through one of those 11 unions.

All this has me wondering if there’s a union for the unions.

You know…… An overall umbrella organization representing union officials to make sure they never ever become subject to such problems as encountered by their lowly members who have to actually work for a living.

Oh wait….. There is one….. The “Nudge” Federal “Nudge” Government.


But hey, Santa Cruz, Look on the bright side.

At least it’s not some evil Capitalist corporation screwing up your waterfront.

Rotting kelp likely cause of Santa Cruz County’s polluted beaches.

The vast fields of seaweed concentrated offshore of Santa Cruz County, while not new, are being tied to last year’s spike in water contamination at popular beaches including Capitola Beach and Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz.  The two beaches ranked poorly in a nationwide survey of water quality released this week by the Natural Resources Defense Council.


Leila Monroe, a staff attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco:  higher-than-normal rainfall, which washed more inland pollutants to sea, also likely contributed to last year’s spike in water contamination.

Another factor, say local ocean experts, is the fecal waste of marine life, though city officials who manage local beaches are increasingly seeing kelp, if not as the primary culprit, as one that is easiest to address.

— — — — — —

Higher than normal rainfall ?….. TURN ON THE DAMN WATER IN THE VALLEY !

Fecal waste of marine life ?….. What’re da lil’ fishies supposed to do, hold it in ?

Here’s a hint:  Nature is amazing.  God designed it that way…….. Cycles, food chain, self-renewal.

Y’all green freaks need to stop trying to regulate the vast scale of Momma Natura through political correctness.


….and just so our Oakland peeps ain’t feelin’ left out da schiznit:

Looks like your police department actually got around to responding to a call.

Gunman storms hospital emergency room.

A 49-year-old gunman who hospital workers described as “disturbed and disoriented” charged into the emergency room at Children’s Hospital Oakland on 52nd Street early Friday morning, police and a hospital official said.

The gunman, later identified as Cottriel Broadnax, of Oakland, ran past a security guard, grabbed a female hospital worker and briefly held the gun on her before being subdued by police, hospital spokeswoman Erin Goldsmith said.  Broadnax is an ex-convict whose lengthy criminal record includes convictions for burglary, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, police said.


Broadnax was arrested on suspicion of carjacking, false imprisonment and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, police said.

— — — — — —

Bet the only thing that will make news is the firearm bit and of course the only news that will be generated is that it’s all the guns’ fault for Mr. Broadnax being involved in the first place.


California’s the place you ought to be.
So load on up that truck and move to Beverly.
Hills that is.
Swimmin’ pools, movie stars, gang members, societal leeches, political correctness beyond imagination…….

— — — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Tipping point coming.
It’s just around the corner too.