Breaking: US Embassy In Paris Receives Poisoned Mail -- Three Hospitalized.



Three employees of the U.S. embassy in Paris were being treated for poisoning on Friday after opening mail, but there was no immediate information on the seriousness of their condition, police said.

A spokesman for France’s judicial police said a mobile laboratory had been deployed at the embassy to test for poisonous substances.

He said that, as the incident occurred at a U.S. government building, only U.S. officials were qualified to comment.

A U.S. embassy official said the building had not been evacuated but declined any further comment.


Associated Press:


Two employees of the U.S. Embassy in Paris were undergoing medical tests after handling a suspicious letter Friday, the embassy said Friday.

A Paris police official said the employees were “unwell” after the incident, without elaborating. Embassy spokesman Paul Patin told The Associated Press there was “no indication that anyone is in danger or hurt.”


Nothing to see here.

The US media doesn’t need to report this (and they’re not).

Updates posted when available.


First Update (9:50am Eastern 30 July 2010).

Official statement from The US Embassy in Paris:


The entire statement:

The Embassy confirms that a suspicious envelope was received today. Per Embassy security procedures, the two employees who were exposed to it were evaluated by medical professionals and the envelope is being analyzed by a laboratory.  Preliminary results indicate that the envelope was not harmful.


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