It's No Fun Being An Illegal Alien, Part 24,689,417 (A, B, C And D).

Primero, el malo.

7:52am Eastern Time today — Comcast local ad inserts are airing.  An ad is running for La Raza that’s probably titled “I Will Be Counted”.

I’m not in amazement at all – I have on Fox News (Ownership – NewsCorp now based in Abu Dhabi UAE) and they (supposedly) have no control over what airs on the local cut-in ad buy segments.

This isn’t the advert that ran, but you’ll get the idea of what did:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eclOExERz4

Knowing what La Raza actually stands for politically and is inciting their members towards, I became ‘a tad miffed’.

Honestly, I damn-near shot my TV.

So………. I calm down a bit and start looking around the interwebby thing.

The following article was penned last week (July 20th 2010) by Dan Morain, a columnist for The San Francisco Bee…………..

Comcast juggernaut rolls on, and ratepayers may suffer.


Comcast this month gained attention for pledging to name a Latino to its board of directors once the deal closes and create a Latino advisory board.

Comcast contributed to several signatories to the agreement, giving, for example, $500,000 to the National Council of La Raza in 2008, Comcast disclosed in a filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

La Raza Vice President Lisa Navarrete said that although the group signed the agreement, it has not endorsed the merger. There is “no correlation” between contributions and La Raza’s stands, she said. The Urban League also said there is no connection between donations and its positions.


I looked some more……..

Comcast was the title sponsor for The 2005 National Council For La Raza Annual Conference.

Comcast Press Release:


“We are proud to be a major sponsor of the NCLR Conference and look forward to expanding our relationship with this important organization,” said Comcast Executive Vice President David L. Cohen. “Comcast has relationships with local Hispanic organizations across the United States, offers extensive Spanish-language programming, and is dedicated to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and promoting aggressive supplier diversity initiatives.”


By the way, if you don’t know about this lovely organization, La Raza (The Race) is a getting-violent, highly inciting, 100%-amnesty-for-everyone and fully-open-borders group.


“Displaced Foreign Traveler”……… Yessum, that’s now the official government terminology.

Thanks to Mike Pechar of The Jawa Report and Interested Participant for the article link………….

Column (and links) from Mr. Bruce Ross, Editorial Director of The Redding Searchlight, a Scripps Corporation newspaper in Redding California.


In the Forest Service’s news release about the recent string of marijuana busts, I discovered a term of art I’d never encountered before:  During the raid, a U.S. Forest Service K-9 team located Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, a displaced foreign traveler from Michoacán Mexico, who had tried to flee the area and hide while officers were performing entry into the marijuana garden.


Anything I use* will now be called “displaced domestically produced rounds, bullets and shell casings”

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

*At the range.




Ahora para el bueno.


Courtesy of BigGator5 here at Redstate:

Latinos And Americans United.

They’re national from day one – http://latinosandamericansunited.org – Been around for less than two months.

Organized by a doctor in Orlando, Juan Torres – Total American values – Positive org – I just joined a few hours ago (it’s free).



The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, an organization of conservative Hispanics, will announce the details of a $1 million campaign in support of California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina at a press conference in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 27 at 11:00am Pacific Time.


www.latino-partnership.org – The Latino Partnership For Conservative Principles – Part of www.americanprinciplesinaction.org American Principles In Action – A 501 C 4 Organization.


Oye chupe hoyos La Raza: Vaya saliva arriba una cuerda.
(Translates roughly to the following…….. “Hey suck-holes of La Raza:  Go spit up a rope.”)


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