The Flag Of "Palestine" flies in Washington DC, along with diplomatic immunity and the renewed support of American Jews.

The Jhadist At 1600, Cass Sunstein, Hillary Clinton, Harold Koh and Samantha Power strike again.



The United States State Department has announced to the Palestinian Authority/Palestinian Liberation Organization Mission representative in the United States that its status will be upgraded from a ‘bureau’ to that of a “general delegation’ and that this change will allow the office in which the representation is situated to fly the PLO, now also the Palestine Authority, flag at its entrance.

The upgrading, besides allowing the flag to be flown, also grants certain privileges to the delegation staff, such as diplomatic immunity, although it is not equal to embassy status.


But wait…… There’s more……



American Jewish lobbyists have been convinced to take a pro-Palestinian Authority position, and to ask US President Barack Obama to turn up the pressure on Israel, according to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas made the claims while speaking at a meeting of the Fatah organization’s central committee.

“They promised they would go to Netanyahu and tell him to disassemble his coalition or announce that he agrees to a two-state solution,” he added.

The US Jewish leaders Abbas referred to were members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization, the Anti-Defamation League, and the left-wing Americans for Peace Now and J Street organizations.


The ‘to-be-damned-for-all-eternity’ 78% of my people are still at it.

Y’all need to show these articles to all American Jews who campaigned and voted for their own annihilation.  If they still don’t “get it”, just walk away from them forever.

Also, someone please let me know when it’s ok to formally charge every single person in the current administration with treason, sedition, aiding and abetting a documented enemy, etc.

Until then, I’ll be at the range or ‘toy shopping’.

Kenny Solomon
Heavily Armed American Jew.
Never again means NEVER AGAIN !