Nudge: Executive Order -- Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes.

Alternate Title:  We now live in a dictatorship.

(Emphasis mine.)


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

The ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes provide jobs, food, energy resources, ecological services, recreation, and tourism opportunities, and play critical roles in our Nation’s transportation, economy, and trade, as well as the global mobility of our Armed Forces and the maintenance of international peace and securityThe Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and resulting environmental crisis is a stark reminder of how vulnerable our marine environments are, and how much communities and the Nation rely on healthy and resilient ocean and coastal ecosystems.  America’s stewardship of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes is intrinsically linked to environmental sustainability, human health and well-being, national prosperity, adaptation to climate and other environmental changes, social justice, international diplomacy, and national and homeland security.

This order adopts the recommendations of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force……………


Executive Order 13366 of December 17, 2004, is hereby revoked.


If it matters, here’s the PDF of Executive Order 13366 from 17 December 2004:



The current President Of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama, appears to have simply seized control of all waters coastal, including The Great Lakes and all waters that can even remotely be considered “marine” in environment and put it all under a new agency.


I’m not going to comment further, because I simply don’t trust myself.

Kenny Solomon
Locked and loaded, safeties off.