Hey California..... Thirsty ?..... Best y'all find something other than water.

Nudge: In rough terms, it would require reducing Delta water use by half in order to meet the 75 percent target.

C’mon Kenny, where’d you come up with that nonsense ?  There’s no way California’s economy and residents could survive……. if……….. that………….. becomes………………… GASP !

From The Contra Costa Times and the latest article from the venerable Mike Taugher, enviro-reporter who ‘gets it’.

Delta survival requires major cutbacks in water use, state study finds.

“It would obviously devastate water supplies,” said Roger Patterson, assistant general manager for the state’s largest water district, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Bet it took a kollej edumakashun to figure out that bit of rocket surgery there, Mr. Patterson.  You’re just starting to realize there’s a nudge problem going on ?   Oh right….. You’re in SoCal – ‘It can’t happen here because SoCal is special.” – Last I heard, that’s the motto of the area.

Here’s the money lines that in my opinion are a series of ‘nudges’ directly from the desk of Cass Sunstein:

The report also details flow requirements for the two biggest rivers flowing into the Delta — the Sacramento and the San Joaquin.

Meeting all of those requirements would require San Joaquin farms, Southern California and portions of the East Bay and South Bay that rely on pumps in the southern Delta to cut their Delta water use by one-third in addition to recent cutbacks required to meet endangered species rules.

The Delta Smelt is going to kill The State Of California via a terminal nudge……… and it’s being done on purpose.

The report is due for consideration and possible changes at state board meeting Aug. 3.

Maybe a RedState reader/contributor in California could pick up on all this and run with it.  Here’s a link to some of the previous insanity since May 24th of this year:  www.redstate.com/etcartman/2010/05/24/judge-reverses-decision-on-californias-delta-smelt

A better idea……… How about a RedState reader/contributor in California who also happens to be an elected state or Federal official picks up the ball here ?

Kind of weird that someone in Florida seems to know more about what’s going on 3,000 miles distant than people being directly affected.

We’ve got major problems here in Flori-duh.  But the state colluding with The Nudge Czar to turn off all our water isn’t one of ’em……….. At least I don’t think we’re that bad off……….. yet.

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