NAACP: We Demand Michael Jackson's Home Be Turned Into A State Park.


The NAACP, which captured national attention this week by formally condemning the “racist elements” in the Tea Party, is now supporting a California state lawmaker’s proposal to turn the former home of the King of Pop into a state park.

Assemblyman Mike Davis said this week that California NAACP president Alice Huffman and others approached him with the idea of the state Department of Parks and Recreation taking over the Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County.

The Los Angeles legislator said the idea is worth studying and that fans from around the world would visit Michael Jackson’s former estate.  Huffman, who also serves on the state Parks Commission, told the Sacramento Bee that she thinks the idea could be a huge success.


Who’s proposal is it?   First paragraph says it’s the Legislator up n’ did it.  Second paragraph says the NAACP got him to do it.  I underlined the bit in the third paragraph showing a ‘slight’ conflict of interest in the matter.

The report is partially an AP thing and Fox News let’s that part of it run without any problem or questioning, or even a pop-up ‘Post-It Note’ saying “Warning: Disingenuous media reporting at hand”.

This is not the Fox News I thought I knew.

But that’s taking us off on a tangent and into another major problem altogether.

So it’s back on topic for the latest upcoming post-racial land/privately-held asset grab.


Sure, why not.

Go for it.

……the idea is worth studying…….


First, we’re going to take an inordinate amount of tax dollars and pretend to do some market research along with a bit of area logistical capability investigation.

Then we’ll take more tax dollars to get the ball rolling in order to declare eminent domain on the property and many acres surrounding the site.  The Jackson family doesn’t need the money anyway.

Next, we’ll use additional tax dollars to hold hearings on environmental impact, bringing in every Sustainable Development Statist on the planet to air their demands as to what needs to be involved in construction and ongoing operations.

After that, we’ll get with the unions to make sure every single employee needed to fill jobs saved or created are of the proper mindset for eventual employment, from the initial construction phase all the way through to ongoing maintenance and retrofitting.

Looking towards the construction, we’ll build in half, maybe three-quarters of a billion tax dollars to the cost for ‘just in case’ contingencies and no worries if that money is never used and happens to be misplaced at the end of the build.  We’re pretty sure it’ll all get used anyway.

What could go wrong ?

Hey wait a second……. I thought the NAACP was only for……………..

Michael Jackson was black ?


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