South Africa --- Four Men Arrested Trying To Sell Nuclear Device.

Thanks to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for being on point.

I’m already on a razor’s edge.  This lovely little ditty just makes it all much more gooder.


Four men were arrested in South Africa for attempting to sell a nuclear device to undercover officers.

South African police say they have arrested four men in the capital, Pretoria, for attempting to sell what they describe as an industrial nuclear device to undercover officers. The men – all South Africans – were arrested Friday at a Pretoria gas station, where they attempted to sell the device for about $6 million.

Police say Interpol was also involved in the operation. They did not say where the device came from or for what industrial purpose it is used, but did say it contained radioactive material. The officials say the four will appear in court soon to face charges of possession of a radioactive device, as well as health code violations for handling radioactive material in public.


Possession of a radioactive device.


Health code violations.


What’s a few kilotons or a large ‘dirty bomb’ amongst friends anyway ?

It’s not like anyone was charged with CONSPIRACY TO NUCLEAR TERRORISM, or something much worse that will soon be a capital crime, like being a typical bitter God-clinging gun-owning ‘tea-bagger’.

Hey, look at that pretty ‘backpack’ over there under The Eiffel Tower…….. and over the other way, right next to The Brooklyn Bridge – what a nice aluminum suitcase – reminds me of those large Halibur……………….. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM !

Nope, it can’t happen here.

Not at all.


Borders ?

What borders ?


New-Klee-Yer…….. New-Klee-Yer…….. New-Klee-Yer……..There……. Finally got it……. No more New-Kew-Lahr.

Hey, did anybody know Lindsay Lohan is in jail for 90 days ?

Dwane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosch are already here in South Florida.  Maybe Derek Fisher’s coming too.  Dang…… And people scream about my Yankees buying championships.

I wonder if there’s any other real news happening anywhere like those last two stories – you know – the stuff that really matters.

Oooooooooh, there I go being a cynical typical bitter God-clinging gun owner again.


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