But it am owah's talkin' headededs be unedumakated fuboons, knott Keef...... CNN's Rick Sanchez says so.

Moe:  Sincere thanks for inspiring the header and bizarro-world bender on this diary.  It’s 6:30am, no coffee yet and…….. yeah, I started writin’.


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Normally, I avoid playing games with media infighting.  But because of Moe’s ‘Keith Olbermann’s an illiterate buffoon’ column, I couldn’t pass by a video clip without at least some sort of live-fire-volley.

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So there I was, mindin’ my own dang bidness watchin’ the replay of last night’s N-wide race (Jamie finished 9th after starting 37th, thank you very much) and an e-mail pops up from a friend.

I said to myself, “Self !  What the heck is wrong with people up at zero-dark-thirty sendin’ e-mails ?  Don’t they know the replay of a NASCAR race is on ?!?

But you didn’t come all this way to hear ’bout my 43 rednecks drivin’ 500 miles in a circle.  Y’all am be a-hear’n to see CNN’s Rick Sanchez in all his glory.

Behold the power of……. of……. of……. DRick on the air:


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My one and only comment shall be in the form of an apology.

Mr. Sanchez used to be on the air locally here in South Flori-duh.  For some odd reason, we have this nasty habit of sending ‘our best and brightest’ out into the world.

Our bad.

We’re standing in the corner without our supper.

But hey, DRick:  Weez all a-be missin’ ya down heah sumptin’ fierce.  Juss’ bekawz manys uv uss’n am be lookin’ owt fer phreedom and odd stuph like dat, don’ be a-meanin’ weez’n all sum kinda Jalapeno On A Stick.

Y’all g’won ‘n have a nice day now, ya heah ?

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
South Florida’s answer to……. to what exactly ?

I gotta get some coffee or some sleep……. maybe both.