Can't Make It Up: American Airlines Loses Luggage Of Israeli PM Netanyahu's Security Detail Members -- Luggage Found -- Guns Missing.

I know you already have the same first question I had, so read on…………..

American Airlines Loses Luggage Of Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Security Detail Members – Luggage Found — Guns Missing.

American Airlines workers at John F. Kennedy Airport apparently lost luggage belonging to security officials for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, officials said Tuesday.

The lost suitcase — with weapons inside — was eventually discovered in Los Angeles. Four Glock 9 mm handguns that were in the bag are now missing and police officials say they believe they were stolen.

The bag was supposed to have been on the flight from JFK to Washington DC where additional Israeli security officers were being assigned to help with  the Israeli leader’s visit with President Obama at the White House.

Port Authority police at JFK are now investigating whether the guns were stolen in New York or after the errant bag arrived in Los Angeles, a PA spokesman said.


I have a few things to say about this……….

1.  Why was the security detail for a sovereign nation’s head of state flying anything other than a private and/or leased-for-the-mission-duration aircraft while on an active assignment in a foreign-to-them nation ?

2.  Are the detail members now placed on the no-fly list here because they’re non-US citizens and brought firearms to an airport in America ?

3.  This was more than likely the work of a baggage-handler-steal-people’s-guns network – probably gang related or maybe even (God Help Us All) peace-loving related – and also more than likely something that goes on rather normally in such stellar calm and open-to-self-defense cities like NY, DC and L.A. and of course it’s even more than likely that it’s all in connection with our ever-so-efficient TSA personnel and their great outstanding backgrounds………. All unionized, as if you didn’t think about that.

4.  If the four missing firearms fall into the possession of our peace loving friends, I want to be the one to tell ’em to their faces about those evil scary-looking guns’ last home and owners……. But only after they’ve handled the toys for awhile.

Kenny Solomon
…..and people wonder why I won’t travel by air anymore.