Does This Executive Order Include Unionizing The US Bio-Weapons Program ?

Here’s the “what” and “who”.


Executive Order – July 2, 2010.

Optimizing the Security of Biological Select Agents and Toxins in the United States.

It is the policy of the United States that:  (a)  A robust and productive scientific enterprise that utilizes biological select agents and toxins (BSAT) is essential to national security;  (b)  BSAT shall be secured in a manner appropriate to their risk of misuse, theft, loss, and accidental release; and  (c)  Security measures shall be taken in a coordinated manner that balances their efficacy with the need to minimize the adverse impact on the legitimate use of BSAT.

Click on the link, read it through, then look below the line…………


Something stirred up the (somehow still active) memory chip in what’s left of my mind.

Couldn’t put my finger on it.

Thinking…. thinking……. thinki……….

Gotcha, you freaky-deeky snake-in-the-grass !

But Kenny….. What does that “gotcha” have to do with a Presidential Executive Order ?

Well……….. Just for giggles, I hit The Wall Street Journal’s website every day – Multiple times too.  Sometimes, I see an article and say to myself…….. “Self !  Why does this not make any sense at all ?“…… and of course, I can’t answer that, other than to say to myself…… “Self !  They have a plan.  They always have a plan and plans within plans.“…… and then I file it in the ‘hope like heck I can remember it when it matters’ memory chip.

Are ya ready to see the ‘hey, I actually remembered something’ zip file unpacked ?


Read on.

Here’s a highly probable “why now” for this exec order.

Once upon a time, in a formerly free nation far far away, there was a company founded in 1995 named Siga Technologies, Inc.

Kenny, stop with the teasing….. What the heck is going on ?

Siga Technologies, Inc. is a bio-tech firm in NY City (NOO YAWK SIT-EE !), specializing in working with the real nasty stuff – Smallpox, Dengue — all those lovely little buggers.

Siga Technologies, Inc. also has a shiny new board member as of mid June in the year of our dear leader 2010.  Andrew Stern is his name.

Linked in purple ‘just because’.


Siga Technologies Inc. (SIGA) said it named former labor leader Andy Stern to the drug-development company’s board.

Stern in April retired as president of the powerful Service Employees International Union, citing personal reasons.


Now everyone repeat after me……….

Nothing to see here !


Nothing at all is wrong.

Access to some seriously nasty stuff – pathogens and antigens – on the front and back ends doesn’t matter.

Move along – This is not the Totalitarian Statist Marxist Jihadist you are looking for.

Just because there’s ‘you gotta be kidding me’ work going on in The Big A………….

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Never mind.

Nobody will see any connections.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled state-run information service.


Kenny Solomon
Proud Son Of The Great Satan.
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