Iran unveils human-like robot.

I’m betting this is one of teh awesum scientific advances of the peace lovers that our Dictator In Training Pants has been crowing about.



Iran has developed a new human-like walking robot to be used in “sensitive jobs,” government newspaper Iran reported on Sunday.

Surena-2, named after an ancient Persian warrior, was unveiled by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday. It is 1.45 metres (4.7 feet) tall and weighs 45 kilograms (99 pounds), the report said.  “Walking slowly like human beings with regular arm and leg movements are among its characteristics,” it said. “Such robots are designed and developed to be used in sensitive and difficult jobs on behalf of a person or as help.”

The report did not elaborate on the robot’s capabilities.  Iran has pursued a number of scientific projects in recent years such as cloning, stem cell research and satellite technology while it has come under increasing international pressure over its controversial nuclear programme.


Here’s an excerpt of an exclusive interview with the Iranian robot by The 72 Virgins Club Travel Agency.


72VCTA:  Hi, welcome to the world Surena-2.

Iranian Robot:  “bbbbzzzzt……. All Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos and Israel must be eliminated……. beeeeep.”

72VCTA:  What do you think of your surroundings ?

Iranian Robot:  “baaaappp……. The Great Satan must fall…….. bzzzzzzzzz.”

72VCTA:  “You’re wearing a Burqa, meaning your designers have made you in female form.”

Iranian Robot:  “vvvtt…..Where is this ‘Southern Border’ I have heard about ?…… mmppt.”

72VCTA:  “As your programmers have just shown the world, you are ‘peaceful nuclear powered’, can you explain the need for a small, nuclear powered, independent functioning and fully mobile automaton ?”

Iranian Robot:  “sssszzzttt………. It’s Bush’s fault !…… 10….. 9….. 8….. 7…..”


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