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If you’re checking this regularly, it now starts all over again……. Since 1993 Mr. Soros has transferred “a bit” of money to Kyrgyzstan….. as grants……. For community organizing.  The entry is way down the listing…….. http://www.redstate.com/etcartman/2010/06/18/kyrgyzstan-on-the-edge-of-eternity/#comment-1897

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We’ll get things going with an article from when I first saw that all hell was breaking loose in Kyrgyzstan.  That was April 7th of this year.   After that article, we’ll jump forward to around a week ago….. The things in between then and now are staggering to say the least, but I don’t wish to make this initial posting take more bandwidth than necessary.

Actually, if you don’t mind, we’ll start with a map link just because some folks who see this may not realize where on Earth we’re talking about…….  www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?q=Osh+Kyrgyzstan&mkt=en-US&FORM=BYFD

Play with the zoom and N-S-E-W toggle and get the lay of the land.

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Now then, we’re off to a Revolution In Kyrgyzstan – Open Warfare In The Streets.

April 7, 2010…………


Opposition activists seized the parliament building and laid siege to the government headquarters. The country’s deputy prime minister was taken hostage and there were reports from police that the interior minister had been killed. The main state television station was overrun and by early afternoon the president had declared a state of emergency.      Reports suggested about 100 people were killed and 180 wounded, although the death toll is expected to rise with witnesses describing piles of dead bodies in the streets.

Last night a Kyrgyz opposition leader announced on state radio that Prime Minister Daniyar Usenov had signed a letter of resignation. It was also announced that a provisional government had been formed with former foreign Minister Roza Otunbayeva at its head. President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who reportedly fled Bishkek, is yet to formally resign himself.     “Power is now in the hands of the people’s government,” Ms Otunbayeva said in an address on state radio.


The United States, which uses an air base at Manas in Kyrgyzstan to supply troops in Afghanistan, called for calm, saying it was “deeply concerned” by events.

An embassy spokesman in the capital, Bishkek, urged all parties to “show respect for the rule of law”. The US State Department later said it had no information that the government had fallen and for the moment they believed Mr Bakiyev was still in power.

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So, what do we make of this ?

On a purely American-centric concern, is our base in Manas under current threat ?…… Imminent danger ?……. Do you know where Manas is compared with the centers of the nation’s problems ?

I can bet dollars to donuts that The State Department knows……. and probably doesn’t give a damn, because after all, it’s only our evil military working only to project violence and capitalistic imperialism.

Hmmmmm……. It’s probably best that I refrain on any snarktastic (but more than likely accurate) commentary for now and just stick with facts.

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Right…… As stated above, we’ll now jump forward to around one week ago, as things have gotten ‘a bit’ out of hand…………….

Kyrgyzstan Government Order:  Shoot To Kill.


Kyrgyzstan will send reserve forces and volunteers to its troubled south on Sunday after a third night of gun battles took the death toll to 80 in the Central Asian state’s worst ethnic violence in two decades.

The move comes as the interim government of Kyrgyzstan granted “shoot-to-kill powers” to its security forces after deadly riots between ethnic Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in the southern cities of Osh and Jalalabad.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement it would send a “volunteer force” to the south because the situation in Osh and Jalalabad regions — strongholds of ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev — remained “complex and tense”.

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June 12, 2010………

Kyrgyzstan asks Russia to help as ‘everywhere burning’.

(Article from The World Bulletin – A news service based in Turkey.  They’re ‘a bit’ biased.)


The interim government in Kyrgyzstan, which hosts U.S. and Russian military bases, said it was powerless to stop armed gangs from burning down the homes and businesses of ethnic Uzbeks in parts of Osh. Gun battles raged throughout the night.

“We need the entry of outside armed forces to calm the situation down,” interim government leader Roza Otunbayeva told reporters. “We have appealed to Russia for help and I have already signed such a letter for President Dmitry Medvedev.”


“Everywhere is burning: Uzbek homes, restaurants and cafes. The whole town is covered in smoke,” local human rights worker Dilmurad Ishanov, an ethnic Uzbek, said by telephone from Osh.  “We don’t need the Kyrgyz authorities. We need Russia. We need troops. We need help.”

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Less than 24 hours after Kyrgyzstan requests help from their all-powerful neighbors to the North……….

Russia Says Nyet….. Nyet You Can’t (Have Troops Or Any Help Either).

This article as well is from The World Bulletin – A news service based in Turkey – They’re a tad biased towards a certain way of thinking.


Russia sees no conditions for sending troops into violence-hit Kyrgyzstan for now, as the conflict there is an internal one, but will offer humanitarian aid, a Kremlin spokeswoman was quoted as saying on Saturday.

“It is an internal conflict and for now Russia does not see the conditions for taking part in its resolution,” Natalya Timakova, spokeswoman for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

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I can honestly envision Mr. Medvedev saying….. ‘No soup troops for you……. Unless we want to send them in to take your country !’

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Now then, before we go any further, I see your hand raised as if you wish to pose a question…….. Go right ahead.

What about The UN  ?

The UN either won’t go in (for what will eventually be obvious reasons), and/or can’t get in and/or isn’t being let in and (as all sane people are aware) has no real power unless they simply order ‘The Blue Helmets’ to invade a sovereign nation (which right about now, I wouldn’t put past them doing just because they think they can – and get thousands more killed in the process).

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June 14th 2010………….

A building genocide in Kyrgyzstan…….. Borders now closed to those trying to leave…….. Bodies in the streets.


Uzbekistan closed its border to refugees fleeing the deadly violence in Kyrgyzstan, some of whom have accused government forces of helping armed gangs slaughter ethnic Uzbeks.  Aid agencies handling the emergency meanwhile reported fresh allegations of atrocities from the survivors.

Bodies littered the streets of the southern Kyrgyzstan city of Osh where fresh gunfire rang out, and more fighting was reported in the nearby city of Jalalabad. Scores are reported killed in four days of clashes.  With estimates of up to 100,000 people already inside Uzbekistan, the Central Asian state’s Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Aripov said the border would be shut, despite pleas from aid groups and the UN to leave it open.

“Today we will stop accepting refugees from the Kyrgyz side because we have no place to accommodate them and no capacity to cope with them,” he said.

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16 June 2010…………..

Now we find out something ‘interesting’ about the city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan that may not have been known by many before now and that little kernel of “ah ha !” will be highlighted in red within the linked article snippet.

Kyrgyzstan military surrounds city of Osh…… Loots city.


Osh, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — Kyrgyzstan’s weak military attempted Wednesday to regain control of the city of Osh, a major transit point for Afghan heroin and the epicenter of ethnic violence that has driven much of the Uzbek population from the country’s poor, rural south.

Troops encircled the city with checkpoints and held the central square, but citizens reported that some soldiers also were looting food aid, casting doubt on the government’s ability to re-establish stability after nearly a week of brutal attacks.

The leader of Kyrgyzstan’s Uzbek community said the death toll among Uzbeks exceeded 300. The official toll on both sides is 189, although officials have acknowledged it is likely far higher. More than 100,000 Uzbeks have fled to Uzbekistan, with tens of thousands more camped on the Kyrgyz side of the border.

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Remember…….. The Kyrgyzstan military, such as it is, has orders stating they can shoot to kill in order to restore order.

A ‘borrowed’ backpack full of Afghan heroin can make a Kyrgyzstan foot soldier’s normal monthly paycheck (if he even gets one) seem as worthless as trying to talk over a Vuvuzela Trumpet while riding in a VW Beetle.

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Today, June 17th 2010.

Refugees afraid to return as tension grips Kyrgyz south.

Yet again, we have Turkey’s World Bulletin reporting.

But this time, we’re looking a little bit through the eyes of Uzbekistan and what’s happening there with Kyrgzy citizens.


Uzbek neighbourhoods have barricaded themselves for fear of further violence, setting up unofficial demarcation lines separating them from Kyrgyz parts.


Kyrgyzstan, its cash-strapped government operating a small and under-equipped army, said volatility could still spread.  “We cannot say that everything has been contained and stopped,” Alik Orozov, secretary of the Security Council, told reporters. “There are forces out there that have yet to be defeated. To explode the situation in Bishkek you don’t need an army. A band of 15-20 militants is enough.”


A barbed wire fence patrolled by Uzbek troops divides the countries. Tens of thousands who crossed into Uzbekistan before the border was closed are housed in schools and rows of tents.


With the Uzbek border closed and their own homes destroyed, many of the refugees do not know where they will go next.  “I believe that about 30 percent of people, those who have houses more or less intact, may return soon. Another 30 percent may return a little later,” Saipedinov, the doctor, said.  “The problem is the other 30 percent have nowhere to go.”

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To end this initial posting, we’ll go to a few links obtained via my friend Stable Hand at The Jawa Report.

(Thank you for everything you’re doing Allahkchew.  You’ve no idea how much you’re appreciated by many many people.)

One of the articles stems from just two days after my top-of-the-diary link and explains many things about Kyrgyzstan and events underway.  Yes, I placed this just-described earlier link at the very end on purpose.

Video Link:

UN Watch:  Hillel Neuer exposes UN silence on Kyrgyzstan Massacres.


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Please watch it through.

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The plot thickens and is coming to a boil, stirring constantly…….. Ethnic cleansing – Did the Kyrgyz’s commit over 100,000 murders of Uzbeki’s ?!?


It was early afternoon when the mob surged down an alley of neat rose bushes and halted outside Zarifa’s house. The Kyrgyz men broke into her courtyard and sat Zarifa down next to a cherry tree. They asked her a couple of questions. After confirming she was an ethnic Uzbek, they stripped her, raped her and cut off her fingers. After that they killed her and her small son, throwing their bodies into the street. They then moved on to the next house.

“They were like beasts,” Zarifa’s neighbour, Bakhtir Irgayshon, said today, pointing to the gutted bedframe where she had been assaulted. A few pots and pans remained; the rest of the family home was a charred ruin. Zarifa’s husband, Ilham, was missing, Irgayshon said, probably dead. Only his mother, Adina, survived the Kyrgyz-instigated conflagration that engulfed the neighbourhood of Cheremushki last Friday.

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Hey, remember the base that The Grea….. Oops, almost gave up the ending there…… Remember the base we have in Kyrgyzstan ?

Yeah, glad you did.  Thousands of our people have passed through there going in-country, forwarding to Afghanistan and some rotating out heading back to the land of the all-night PX.  Some returning heroes will never know they transited either.

Anyway, Kyrgyzstan’s government (what passes for one at least) remembers we’re there as well.

A senior Kyrgyz official today warned that the interim government would consider shutting a strategic US airbase if Britain refused to hand over the son of the country’s ousted president.


The Kyrgyz government believes Maxim Bakiyev, arrested at Farnborough airport on Sunday, helped organise the violence ravaging the country’s south.

Kyrgyzstan’s deputy leader of the provisional government, Azimbek Beknazarov, said: “England never gives up people who arrive on its territory. But since England and the US fight terrorism and the arrangement with the airbase is one of the elements of that fight, then they must give over Maxim Bakiyev.”

— — — — — — —

Get that ultimatum ?……… They’ve got him ; We want him ; If they don’t hand him over yesterday, you’re getting thrown out the day before.

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“The Jews are kaput….. The Jews are already gone.”

Now why in the world would Kyrgyzstan give a horses ptoot about Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos ?

Let’s find out, shall we ?

We now revert backwards in time to April 9, 2010………….  And a five-page article with photos that’s an absolute must-read.

Blood in the Streets of Bishkek — My two days running with the mob in Kyrgyzstan.


“The revolution is over. … We have won … we are in control here.” The rebel is crouching atop an armoured personal carrier punctured by bullets. This is a rasping, hoarse voice. “We are the security.” He is in his 20s and draped in the blood-red flag of Kyrgyzstan, whose golden emblem falls over his hunched back as he stares down from this wreck of a vehicle. “Everything is now… calm here.” His eyes are glazed, sleep-deprived. Wild. Around us, dawn is creeping over Bishkek and smells of gunpowder. Plumes of smoke are slowly rising from smouldering ruins. The last crackling of AK-47s fell silent only hours before.


(My note….. Again, this is from 9 April 2010 – This is BEFORE things ramped up to where they are now with ethnic cleansing / genocide.)

Small groups of men begin to gather at bus stops to take them back to work. They arrive and furtively at the shop keepers return to their tills. The masses melting back out of one baying mob and an ocean of fear into the honeycomb of intricate complexity of fragile human threads that we call society. People stroll through the parks. Abruptly a megaphone is turned to full volume. Arabic echoes through Bishkek.

The imams are singing for the dead.

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Do you understand now ?


I’ll update this page as warranted, good news and bad.

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Kenny Solomon
South Florida

A heavily armed Great Satan-Born Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo.

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