Hola !!..... Esto es Ooooooooooogo..... Oh no, I forget again..... Da Eeeeenglitsch I must speek to joo.

‘Allo America !!

This is Ooooooogo calling from……. Joo know where.

I just want for joo to see how eet ees done, so when dat EffCeeCee ova dere gets things running right, you will thank me always for telling joo early.

Eet ees so nice when tingz come into place themselves, yes ?

Anyway, you read this note here and I go now.

Adiós mis amigos !


Venezuela demands the arrest of TV station owner and his son.


Venezuela asked Interpol to arrest opposition Globovision TV boss Guillermo Zuloaga, who ran afoul of President Hugo Chavez earlier this year for allegedly slandering him.

“We’ve placed a request with (international police agency) Interpol for an international arrest warrant against Mr. Guillermo Zuloaga and his son,” Interior Minister Tarek El-Aissami told reporters.


Hey, it’s been a while since my buddy Ooooooogo hijacked my e-mail address in order to get a message to us.  I kind of missed the guy.  Glad he’s ok and doing well.  He always leaves a great calling card or two……. Literally…….. I end up with many free minutes on whatever untraceable and IP-address-blocking international online card he used to get into my system.  He lets me have the card remainder as a ‘thank you’ and is always so nice about things.

/snark 😉

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Anyway….. time to get a bit serious here…….

Tarek El-Aissami – Interior Minister of Venezuela.

Good boy from Latin American…… Heart o’ gold.



Chew on that for a little while.

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Kenny Solomon
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