So, what's in the news today ?... Nothin' much..... Just an armed incursion attempt at MacDill and some white powder sent all over the Northwest.

The latest about MacDill as of this posting………

The incident happened about 5pm eastern time on 14 June 2010.


A man and a woman are in custody after officials say they tried to enter MacDill Air Force Base in a sport utility vehicle carrying weapons and military gear, base officials said.  Base officials haven’t heard that it was a planned attack.

A News Channel 8 reporter on scene at the base saw at least 13 loaded rifle magazines and two pistol magazines in a bag.  Authorities also found military clothing and other military-style equipment in the grayish blue Honda CRV driven by the suspects. No explosives were found.


I don’t think Tony Montana had anything to do with this white powder……..

From Seattle’s KING-TV, Channel 5:


The FBI is investigating after envelopes containing white powder showed up in government offices from Seattle to Boise.

In Bellevue, a building with offices of the Internal Revenue Service was evacuated around 12:30 p.m. A female worker said she opened an envelope in the mailroom and white powder “poofed” out.

“One worker was directly exposed and another worker was close enough nearby to be concerned.  We’ve taken both of them to the hospital,” said Lt. Eric Keenan of the Bellevue Fire Dept.




Somebody else pick these stories up and run with them.

I gotta get some sleep.

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