Ladies and gentlemen, presenting "a New York Democrat Jewish liberal supporter of Obama” now reconsidering his political views.

Do you know the name Rabbi David Nessenoff ?

No ?

Yes you do.

C’mon…… Think……..

Get it yet ?

Ahhhhhhhh….. no worries.  You’re overwhelmed with all the ‘little things’ happening with the Marxist takeover of our nation and realizing there’s a Jihadist in The White House.

I’ll refresh your memory…………..

Two words:  Helen Thomas.

OK, I see the light bulb going off in your mind now.

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Rabbi David Nesenoff made headlines recently when he inadvertently exposed veteran American journalist Helen Thomas’ virulently anti-Israel views. In an impromptu video interview, Thomas told Nesenoff that Jews living in Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to Poland and Germany. Under strong attack for her remarks, she announced her retirement just days later.


Nesenoff described himself as “a New York Democrat Jewish liberal supporter of Obama” who is now reconsidering his political views in light of what has happened.

“Now I have to reevaluate totally,” he said, “…because if I was part of a team where their agenda was that Israel and the Jewish people don’t have a connection… I have to really reevaluate liberal and conservative and really find out where I stand, because I think I’ve been a little blind.”


I’ve responded to Rabbi Nessenoff and did so in a rather short missive and by asking a simple question.

I might seem ‘a tad snarky’ in my query……. However, to approach this any other way would have me in VERY dangerous territory and I try to be a good boy as much as possible.

Here we go……….

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Rabbi Nessenoff:

In the recent Israel National News article by Mayanna Miskin, you state that you may have “been a little blind” in relation to your liberal views and devotion to a certain political party……. Pray tell, Sir……. Is being “a little blind” like being ‘a little pregnant’ ?

I eagerly await your answer, Sir, as it has been people like myself and the rest of the 22% of American Jews who have spent years in talking, calling, yelling, screaming and even stamping our little feet in offering proof of what you are now just starting to realize.

Welcome to reality Rabbi.  I sincerely “hope” that your “change” is not too late.

Thank you for your time.

God Bless America and Israel.

Kenny Solomon
American Jew.
Heavily armed.
Never again means NEVER AGAIN !

I know who’s a$$ to kick.

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How was that……..  OK ?

Yeah, I thought so too.


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By the way, I was going to title this diary using an altered movie quote, but I’m not sure it would have initially ‘hit home’ and sent an on-topic message as well as the long-winded header in place.  My original offering was  I see dead people schmucks.

Cheers !


I definitely know who’s a$$ to kick.